Self love is the best love

What is Love?
I use to think it was all just a Fairy Tail
where you walk on a beach, hold hands, and kiss all night.
Until I started falling in love with myself and everything was just compliments
You see I had these sparkles in my eyes
butterflies in my stomach I became mesmerized
It's like no one told me that self love was best love
All they said was you have to love everything around you  even if it lacks giving you that loving back
Man you see to me that was all just wack
Ok now let me tell you how I felt in love with myself
I took one glare in the mirror and this feeling in my knees felt so weak my beauty swept me right off my feet
At this point I saw all my good flaws and my confidence started to over flow
Nothing could ever make me feel low no mo
Because you see self love is the best love
I dont think yall heard me self love is the best love
Give yourself the greatest hug because trust in believe me no one can love you better than yourself
Once you give yourself self love you can than begin to love everything else, but never forget that self love is the best love.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 13th Jun 2020 12:38

Absolutely right!

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