Wake up Black America

Wake up Black America
can't you see what's going on right before our eyes.
They strip us of all our incomes
They make you feel hopeless inside especially when you have your child crying because there's no food or even no money to buy anything, landlords sending eviction notices, job not paying you so now there's no hope for you. 
Being angry inside because just when! just when! you thought you had a little bit of control they took that all away now just great
Take heed to what's going on around you because
 All social media is just a distraction to keep us all blinded
Read more and do more research
Educate yourself because this world is just not for you
Prayer is well needed because trust in believe me it's only going to get worst.
Stop joking and become woken
Put your bibles into action because look at all these distractions.
Lord help my ppl see that they need you more now than anything
Lord tell them that the enemy is stealing, killing and destroying our earth.
Blessings on this nation getting ready for these lessons.
 Wake Up Black America!


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Nicola Beckett

Wed 17th Jun 2020 21:07

Wonderful poetry x

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