Chasing shadows

The illusions that delude us

The intangible that send us chasing the wind

The dreams of others we pursue

Without the understanding nor reasoning to see them through


Seeking to relate with the shadow

Yet ignoring the person

Which then is more real to you?

The shadow will fade yet the person remains


Why disguise yourself like another in the pursuit to belong

Why replicate that which is already there

Don’t you know people value the original rather than the counterfeit?

Why then must one trade the original for a counterfeit?


Distinguish the shadow from the person

Appreciate the value that lies before you

The creation cannot be greater than the creator

Make your acquaintance with the creator and appreciate the creation


Stop chasing shadows

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Mon 8th Jun 2020 12:06

Thank you @blackrose @Trixie Gore

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Trixie Gore

Tue 2nd Jun 2020 13:02

Excellent message 👌😃

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Tue 2nd Jun 2020 06:30

That was beautiful🌷

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