A true Leprechauns tale?

my kitchen window

offers me

an uninterupted view

of the open countryside

and distant hills

to the west


through it I see

the setting sun

dip lower

as it approaches

the hills


for a fleeting moment

it glorifies the hills

by crowning them

with a golden halo

before disappearing over

to the other side

leaving a trail

of darkness behind


I wondered whether

the Leprechauns tale

about sun's

journey through

the night

before it comes out

smiling again

the next morning

was true


so I followed the trail

of darkness

and travelled

for miles

and many hours

along the dales

and up the hills

over to the

other side


there was nothing there

but a sea of darkness

stretching out as far

as the eyes could see

the sun was nowhere

to be seen


I turned round

and reached the top

of the hills

and to my amazement

saw the smiling sun

climbing over

the distant roof tops

in the east


so it was true

what the Leprechauns

say about

the sun disappearing

in a secret tunnel

in the west

only to reappear

in the east

next morning





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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 6th Jun 2020 21:25


Nature is a limitless source of inspiration. Learning to live in harmony with it helps fire up imagination. Thank you for your comments and the like.



Sat 6th Jun 2020 17:49

Your Kitchen window has a view of Narnia mate, for it makes you write words out of this world.


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