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Author of poems printed in national and regional publications. Also factual articles and short stories. Writer of six on spec screenplays - some read (Paramount <US> and also BBC/ITV etc.) - none accepted to date. But it's great therapy! Poems published by Red Candle Press, Peace and Freedom Press and Poetry Now. This author's "concept" collection of verse & lyrics was compiled under the title "SINGING WORDS" and published by Janus Publishing.Co.Ltd. The Otley Press collection "SPOKES" (2014) - celebrating the Tour de France in Yorkshire - contains my poem "LYCRA CLAD LOONY". My CD - "POETRY TO PLEASE" contains 21 poems in verse form with music settings. One of the poems, "English Hills", was given a four page spread against superb colour landscape photos in the magazine "THIS ENGLAND". Very rewarding in content and context! The cover of the CD, using my photo, adorns this page. Also happily writing songs, song lyrics and tunes, some recorded by Women In Country (JIP Records of Nashville, TN. USA). Admires the craft and skill of yesteryear's poets and songwriters, but can still be pleasantly impressed by more modern material. My comic-crime novel NOVEMBER UNIFORM (Grosvenor House Publishing/ISBN 9781786232502 is available from Amazon (p/back & Kindle) and on order from bookshops.


THOUGHTS AT CHRISTMAS How fitting now in deep December, When days are short and spirits low, That in our hearts we will remember Those we knew who had to go. Christmas hours are briefly bright... Their spark is spent in winter's pay And soon surrenders to each night When light retreats and fades away. But O how wonderful this living! How magical this life we own, That we are given to go on giving When time takes those that we have known. .............................................

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by M.C. Newberry

IT'S A HEARTACHE THING - Country Lament (22/09/2019)

DOWN BY THE MEWSTONE - folk song (21/02/2019)

AN IRISH REJOICING - song (13/02/2019)

CHRISTMAS SNOW - sung by Marcie Summers (bless her memory). (23/12/2018)

WHERE DO YOU GO? (17/06/2018)

CHRISTMAS SNOW - Instrumental - recorded by Pete Dymond (15/12/2017)


THE MENIN GATE - Remembrance Day Remembered (09/11/2017)

WHEN YOU WALKED INTO MY LIFE - audio reprise (01/09/2017)

DOWN BY THE MEWSTONE - audio version (30/08/2017)

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Sun 26th Jan 2020 01:46

yep. I agree.
customer surveys are actually an irritant.
hence the poem
next time they ask, send them this poem! haha

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Wed 22nd Jan 2020 19:37

2025 - thanks for your profound words. Much appreciated. P.πŸ‘


Mon 13th Jan 2020 03:19

who wants to hang around
with old people.
they smell and
don't make any sense.
I know this from what people tell me.
I would never admit to it myself.


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Tue 31st Dec 2019 19:26

You have brought me closer too you... and poetry my friend.

Thank you for reading and liking my poem "Ring in the New Year"
Your comment was very welcome my friend/


Fri 29th Nov 2019 00:53

giving is better than receiving
in the long run
what you acquire does not make you happy
what you give to others

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Tue 26th Nov 2019 19:10

JRJ and Bleeding time - thanks for commenting - there were a bunch of them around then who were so unforgettable. Pike, Sgt Wilson, Capt M. What mannerisms they all had. Cheers. P


Tue 12th Nov 2019 23:36

Lamp Post:
I try to keep things simple.
That way, even I
can understand my own poetry.

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Tue 12th Nov 2019 20:44

Slotting it in - thank you so much for the like - what days they were eh? πŸ‘

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Mon 11th Nov 2019 19:36

Hi MCN and thanks for commenting on Bus Ride Scenario - I guess the poor child unknowingly sussed it was an unpleasant word despite her ignorance of it's meaning - had it been said to her in joking way she would probably have laughed it off herself. I guess we all remember the unpleasant kids at school. 😏


Sun 10th Nov 2019 01:49

so sorry to hear about your dad passing so early
in your life. how sad.

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Tue 29th Oct 2019 10:42

Totally agree with you on Canned Flesh comments - so tragic all round - thanks for responding. P.

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Fri 25th Oct 2019 11:57

Re; Brewing up - couldn't agree more M.C. There must a word out there that perfectly describes this mind boggling scenario - (something like conundrum). Will it ever come to a satisfactory conclusion for everyone. I think Writeoutloud helps us get it off our chest. I wonder if that word I might be thinking of could be 'Wrexit' or could even be 'Vexed it' Am sure someone will coin a suitable phrase one day. πŸ˜‘


Tue 22nd Oct 2019 23:07

good point about maps confusing women.

if only WOMEN came with instructions!


Wed 16th Oct 2019 00:18

Master of Ceremonies---
you got it right.
the poem is about the innocence of children
and how they express themselves.
thank you.

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Fred Nicholson

Sat 12th Oct 2019 17:09

Some may agree this subject, 'Color Matters'
is infuriating, frustrating and downright annoying.
These experiences are not ouchies, that first appear
in the body. These grouped emotions start up stairs
and may become headaches and body maladies.

I hear you loud and clear!
White Black Pink Ochre
Rough Dry Baggy Firm
skins don't matter to me,
and it's not about skin tone.
My tone is paper bag brown.
What do you name yours?

It's about generations of families
severed from their rich cultures,
deprived of their native languages,
and given Jesus Christ to worship.
400 years later we watch Wakanda
and munch on hot buttered popcorn.

It's about Native American Indians. STOP!
Think about that. They certainly are natives.
American because of Mr. Vespucius.
Indian because of a geographical error.
90% of them were killed purposefully,
some not, by folks wanting to own land.

Physical, emotional and spiritual abuse
starvation deprivation and outright murder
may have long lasting affects (or is it effects),
on someone's outcome. What do you think?

It's about feeling it in my bones,
not just reading or thinking about it.

'Color Matters' is not just about Indians and cowboys,
or Crayola hues. It's really about Black and White.
This is North America, where one(1) drop of African
blood makes you black. You ever hear such nonsense
where you live? This won't be found in current law books,
but it lives on, in the heads of many here in the U.S of A.

M.C. Newberry, I don't know your racial heritage
and do know the adage about birds of a feather.
It has been that way AND change is quickening.
Each successive generation is more tuned in.
Old farts like me still cling to the past,
and need to step aside.

So many young people connecting in/with/for life/communion/love awakening.

M.C. Newberry, I heartily thank you for the thought-full
response to my work and will respond to any and all other comments. I did not know what identifying name you'd prefer, so I used the name in front of me.

Blessings abound,

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Mon 30th Sep 2019 18:40

Thanks MC - perhaps some of us should turn our guns on them via Greenpeace. I will try and work out how it goes. Blessings. P.


Fri 27th Sep 2019 04:43

it is a shame kids are not taught etiquette anymore.
or...adults for that matter.
Please & Thank You
thing of the past.


Tue 24th Sep 2019 10:00

thanks for reading "There Comes A Time".

a passing thought that passed.

Beware the one
who holds the scythe
he comes creeping in
in dark of night
Death may be certain
but of a different stripe
the worst of fears is
an angry wife!


Tue 17th Sep 2019 04:18

thank you M.C.
for your long interesting comment on my poem.
and I am glad you helped that pigeon.
we all need help sometimes,
wing and a prayer.


Mon 2nd Sep 2019 02:08

glad you made it through your youth
and your grandad dad.
so many burdens for you
and yet
here you are on WOL
your own good fortune.


Sat 31st Aug 2019 03:16

Toad in hole
will soon grow old
as he sits in sun
a "Whole Toad In One"

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Chrystel Roberts

Sat 24th Aug 2019 21:12

Many thanks for commenting on my poem β€œSorry Is A Sorry Word".

I particularly like the last sentence of your comment!


Wed 21st Aug 2019 13:12

Try as i might
I try my best
in this Rest Home
there is no rest
so i break out
state of undress
my pajamas on
I'm headin' West!

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Tue 20th Aug 2019 18:27

Opting out. Well done MC on what you do with the funeral plan offers. We have to make our stand.


Fri 16th Aug 2019 10:45

So many trees
so many plead
oh don't forsake
in saving me
We are your balm
your company
so don't destroy
our canopy.

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Tue 6th Aug 2019 19:50

Thanks for the words on Marbles. Total nightmare all this info bombarding us wherever we go - what used to be addictive is now becoming a total nuisance. So info overload - go take a jump somewhere squishy. ?


Wed 31st Jul 2019 03:02

humor is the soft cushion
for the hardness of life.

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Thu 18th Jul 2019 17:11

thank's M.C. for pointing out my error. There again and I'm sure you will agree very much the same injustices.


<Deleted User> (22158)

Sat 13th Jul 2019 20:17

Thank you M.C. for your input on my recent poem "Nature's Nurture". I appreciate it!


Sat 29th Jun 2019 23:27

did not know you were French.
have some fries!

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