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Author of poems printed in national and regional publications. Also factual articles and short stories. Writer of six on spec screenplays - some read (Paramount <US> and also BBC/ITV etc.) - none accepted to date. But it's great therapy! Poems published by Red Candle Press, Peace and Freedom Press and Poetry Now. This author's "concept" collection of verse & lyrics was compiled under the title "SINGING WORDS" and published by Janus Publishing.Co.Ltd. The Otley Press collection "SPOKES" (2014) - celebrating the Tour de France in Yorkshire - contains my poem "LYCRA CLAD LOONY". My CD - "POETRY TO PLEASE" contains 21 poems in verse form with music settings. One of the poems, "English Hills", was given a four page spread against superb colour landscape photos in the magazine "THIS ENGLAND". Very rewarding in content and context! The cover of the CD, using my photo, adorns this page. Also happily writing songs, song lyrics and tunes, some recorded by Women In Country (JIP Records of Nashville, TN. USA). Admires the craft and skill of yesteryear's poets and songwriters, but can still be pleasantly impressed by more modern material. My comic-crime novel NOVEMBER UNIFORM (Grosvenor House Publishing/ISBN 9781786232502 is available from Amazon (p/back & Kindle) and on order from bookshops.


THOUGHTS AT CHRISTMAS How fitting now in deep December, When days are short and spirits low, That in our hearts we will remember Those we knew who had to go. Christmas hours are briefly bright... Their spark is spent in winter's pay And soon surrenders to each night When light retreats and fades away. But O how wonderful this living! How magical this life we own, That we are given to go on giving When time takes those that we have known. .............................................

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by M.C. Newberry

CHRISTMAS SNOW (15/12/2020)



THE MENIN GATE (11/11/2020)

YOU ARE THE MUSIC - song/lyric version (22/02/2020)

IT'S A HEARTACHE THING - Country Lament (22/09/2019)

DOWN BY THE MEWSTONE - folk song (21/02/2019)

AN IRISH REJOICING - song (13/02/2019)

CHRISTMAS SNOW - sung by Marcie Summers (bless her memory). (23/12/2018)

WHERE DO YOU GO? (17/06/2018)

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Sat 17th Apr 2021 09:51

I don't know that every weed is an Herb.
But...certainly they play a part in the
grand scheme of things.

One man's weed
is another man's flower!

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David Cooke

Fri 16th Apr 2021 11:59

Thanks for the comments on my 'Gambler' poem. I think you and my old man could have had some interesting conversations.


Thu 15th Apr 2021 20:18

Cain't swim
but I can Float!


Fri 9th Apr 2021 03:32

Can't believe you are in your 70's.
you look so young.

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David Cooke

Thu 8th Apr 2021 12:02

HI MC glad you liked my poem work horses. I hope you could hear it all the way through. On my MacBook it stops just before the end.


Mon 5th Apr 2021 03:53

glad to see you are back M.C.
where have you been?
that was an unexcused absence!


Thu 11th Mar 2021 12:28

I like your wording
concerning HOPE
anymore a thing
so rare
there's hope still
in this poetry
the alternative
to despair.


Wed 3rd Mar 2021 03:17

Even if
the blinds are drawn
what good the reaction
if only a yawn!


Mon 1st Mar 2021 04:16

interesting thought
but it does not seem to effect dogs
who sniff anything that moves
or not.


Thu 25th Feb 2021 03:43

good advice M.C.
women give advice although unsolicited.
men give advice although most of the time it's wrong.


Mon 22nd Feb 2021 01:25

All poems are copyright of this originating author. Permission must be obtained from the local Emergency personnel before reciting.
These poems may cause vomiting and diarrhea.
If you die after reading, list Covid as cause of death!


Sat 20th Feb 2021 21:45

it's the Polar Vortex.
Canada is to blame.
We protest.
They refuse to take it back!


Sat 20th Feb 2021 08:59

Greta would love my cabin!

of course, it's only in the forest of my mind.


Tue 16th Feb 2021 08:40

Thanks M.C.
our power only lasted 30 minutes.
The rest of the day we were out.
Then at 7:30pm it came back on,
only to go out again 30 minutes later.
Now at 2am, it came back on again.
so I rush to type this to you
This is the worst storm I have ever seen.
It is now 6 degrees Farenheit.
cold cold cold.


Sat 13th Feb 2021 02:25

those are "Northers".
Down here in Texas, the weather can change in a heartbeat
in the wintertime. It may be sunshine and 70 degrees, then Boom,
a "Norther" blows in and the temp. can drop 30-40 degrees.


Wed 10th Feb 2021 11:37

Philistines! Exactly!
Can't believe they would actually INCREASE
the advertisements instead of reducing them.
No peace for you.
Write more poetry!

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Scattered Sun

Mon 8th Feb 2021 00:37

Thank you for the kind comments on my poem.


Fri 29th Jan 2021 17:39

I got rhythm!! πŸ˜ƒ


Fri 15th Jan 2021 10:42

Afraid our Free Speech
is no longer Free-
if we get out of line
we pay dearly.


Sun 10th Jan 2021 23:18

the poem itself
was an exercise
in absurdity.


Wed 6th Jan 2021 12:33

Yes, like tattoos and earrings
and long hair in pony tails.
The young get old yet cling to
their former ways.
the problem is the tattoos sag
the hair thins
and wrinkles replace what was.


Thu 24th Dec 2020 12:42

where oh where
has M.C. gone?

Merry Christmas!!


Fri 11th Dec 2020 21:09

A family of 10???
Did she survive?


Thu 26th Nov 2020 00:58

good point M.C.
good point!


Wed 25th Nov 2020 18:45

My poetry requires
both the writer
composing it
and..the reader
reading it!


Fri 20th Nov 2020 23:21

The Woodland Trust
sounds right to me
who could you trust
if not a tree!

What a great idea!


Wed 11th Nov 2020 12:04

Thanks for your comments on "Someone Said".

Someone said you were a nice guy!



Wed 28th Oct 2020 22:25



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J.D. Bardo

Mon 26th Oct 2020 11:15


thank-you for the like on "The Mirror", Such great poets as yourself, reading my work, is so rewarding. It is a dream of mine to have SOMETHING published sometime, like yourself. I see you have been with WOL since the beginning of time, I am here just a few days, I am in my prime. If you like what I post in the future, please drop me a dime.


Sun 25th Oct 2020 02:08

They just don't communicate very well.
That's why they call them dumb animals!

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