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Author of poems printed in national and regional publications. Also factual articles and short stories. Writer of six on spec screenplays - some read (Paramount <US> and also BBC/ITV etc.) - none accepted to date. But it's great therapy! Poems published by Red Candle Press, Peace and Freedom Press and Poetry Now. This author's "concept" collection of verse & lyrics was compiled under the title "SINGING WORDS" and published by Janus Publishing.Co.Ltd. The Otley Press collection "SPOKES" (2014) - celebrating the Tour de France in Yorkshire - contains my poem "LYCRA CLAD LOONY". My CD - "POETRY TO PLEASE" contains 21 poems in verse form with music settings. One of the poems, "English Hills", was given a four page spread against superb colour landscape photos in the magazine "THIS ENGLAND". Very rewarding in content and context! The cover of the CD, using my photo, adorns this page. Also happily writing songs, song lyrics and tunes, some recorded by Women In Country (JIP Records of Nashville, TN. USA). Admires the craft and skill of yesteryear's poets and songwriters, but can still be pleasantly impressed by more modern material. My comic-crime novel NOVEMBER UNIFORM (Grosvenor House Publishing/ISBN 9781786232502 is available from Amazon (p/back & Kindle) and on order from bookshops.


THOUGHTS AT CHRISTMAS How fitting now in deep December, When days are short and spirits low, That in our hearts we will remember Those we knew who had to go. Christmas hours are briefly bright... Their spark is spent in winter's pay And soon surrenders to each night When light retreats and fades away. But O how wonderful this living! How magical this life we own, That we are given to go on giving When time takes those that we have known. .............................................

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by M.C. Newberry

AN IRISH REJOICING - song (13/02/2019)

CHRISTMAS SNOW - sung by Marcie Summers (bless her memory). (23/12/2018)

YOU ARE THE MUSIC - "Show" song (completed) (21/10/2018)

WHERE DO YOU GO? (17/06/2018)

POSITIVE THOUGHTS AT CHRISTMAS:year old..spirit young! (15/12/2017)


THE MENIN GATE - Remembrance Day Remembered (09/11/2017)

WHEN YOU WALKED INTO MY LIFE - audio reprise (01/09/2017)

DOWN BY THE MEWSTONE - audio version (30/08/2017)

ENGLISH HILLS - an audio version (27/08/2017)

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Wed 20th Feb 2019 14:00

I don't know what happened but WOL stopped sending me
the notifications, so I did not know you responded.
Sorry about that.

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 11th Feb 2019 21:38

re 'Accidental Curator'

Two performance artists, Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi, jumped on the bed with bare torsos to improve the work, which they thought had not gone far enough. They called their performance Two Naked Men Jump into Tracey's Bed. Sold for £2.5 million

. Wikipedia
;- )


Mon 11th Feb 2019 00:20

thanks for your comments on
"We Never Asked"
the poem I think
speaks to us all
as we speed through life
we wish...

jennifer Malden

Wed 6th Feb 2019 17:28

Hello Mc - thanks for the info about the poetry competition. I might send in the Pine poem. Thanks also for your nice comment - I can't bear seeing a tree felled for unimportant reasons . those pines are lovely but they do create some problems - the roots are on the surface, at least some of them, so they deform the tarmac which is dangerous for mopeds or bikes, especially in the dark - also if there is abundant snow, (not v often here) branches tend to fall off as they are top heavy. On Elba there are so many they are like green seas, and you don't realise how many villas are hidden in them - lucky b...........s!
Hope you are keeping well - Jennifer


Wed 6th Feb 2019 16:47

I end up talking to myself.
I am the only one
who will listen.


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Stephen Mellor

Tue 5th Feb 2019 19:05

Hi M.C.
Thanks for taking the time ...
I think I could write a book about some of the ways that the literati commented on the fact that my first poems only were written in rhyme.
As my latest tomb suggests I only started writing (anything) after my first wife died, 12 years ago. Poetry (if that's what I write) certainly helped.
Poetry also helped in me finding wife no.2, but that's another poem.
If it works, it works

<Deleted User> (21422)

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 16:55

Your wonderful comment is appreciated, thank you.😌Jane


Sun 3rd Feb 2019 11:44

more fun to be bad
but one gets hungry
after a time.

where would we be
without women to
civilize us?


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Stephen Mellor

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 07:57

Hi M.C.
You did absolutely nothing wrong with regard to your viewing my Jigsaw 'poem'.
I don't think I'd done a jigsaw for 60+ years, but ...
My Father in Law gave me a jigsaw for Xmas and it became such a compulsive task in finishing it, that I could have wanged it out of the door.
I began to write a poem about the frustrations, but then thought that I could express my feelings better by just writing nothing.
Me trying to be a smart-arse.
At my age I should know better.

Hope I may be forgiven 😃


Sun 27th Jan 2019 12:36

Tom's silly itis !!
I like it!


Tue 22nd Jan 2019 23:37

"keep your hair on"???
what the heck does that mean?



Mon 21st Jan 2019 11:32

At least you passed



Tue 15th Jan 2019 04:29

Being married
is like living in a cell-
only the warden/wife
has the key.



Sun 13th Jan 2019 02:59

my dog is potty trained.

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Stephen Mellor

Wed 9th Jan 2019 10:40

House of Fun
Comments and thoughts much much appreciated.
Sad isn't it how much in life continues to disappoint, but I suppose it gives us something to write about.

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David Cooke

Sun 6th Jan 2019 15:50

Dear MC Thanks again for your encouraging comment.

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David Cooke

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 11:23

Hi Thanks for the toughtful commentsonmy poem 'A Waldorf Salad'. Much appreciated.

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Stephen Mellor

Fri 21st Dec 2018 06:55

Definition - Confused
Many thanks for comment. I wasn't sure when I posted, if certain parts may cause offence, but the feelings contained in the poem are gathered from conversations I've had with real people (family) and the frustrations they feel at life moving on at such speed.


Fri 21st Dec 2018 03:31

good for you for picking up litter.
i do the same, almost daily.
i carry my bags and collect trash as i walk,
and people think i'm crazy, but...
it's good exercise and good for the environment.

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David Irvine

Tue 18th Dec 2018 15:44

Hello M.C Newberry

Thanks for your kind words on my attempts at poetry. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas.


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AM Cash

Mon 17th Dec 2018 23:40

MC thank you for noting the squirrels


Mon 17th Dec 2018 18:20

Texas! we still use horses and saddle bags!



Sun 16th Dec 2018 09:09

just a joke
on how everyone now orders everything from Amazon now
then has to deal with the returns.



Sun 16th Dec 2018 08:28

I have put a ‘Zoom H1’ on my Santa’s list Mark.

My old Yamaha has a great church organ ‘voice’ and some nice Angel Oh’s! and Arh’s ! I might tinkle on the old ivories (sounds so much more posh than bash the plastic) which is nearer truth.

I would love to have a lute bed but might have to settle for me cheap charity shop uke, not as comfortable to the ear but needs must.

I love your soundbites btw. I often nip over for a lick of MCN.
I adore your “The Menin Gate” and “Down by the Mewstone”

I have to thank you here not only for your support Mark, moreover for inspiring me to add to the collection of audio on WOL. (My misses might not be so appreciative)
I have been banished from the house so have set about making a makeshift recording studio in the caravan ready for 2019.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 15th Dec 2018 23:11

Thank you for the comments M.C. the human mind. Who can fathom it?
T.C. x


Sat 15th Dec 2018 11:20

thanks M.C. (master of ceremonies.)
for visiting and commenting.
what you say is what I think.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 4th Dec 2018 19:06

I enjoyed reading your comments on The Huntress M.C. thank you..💕


Mon 3rd Dec 2018 04:38

thanks for your comments on my poem
"Normal People".
did not realize you are in your 8th decade
as you put it. Good for you!
as we age, people get nicer, don't your think?
either that or....we are just numbed to it all.


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Ian Whiteley

Mon 26th Nov 2018 13:49

thanks for the comments on 'falling down the cracks...' Mark - I find myself falling behind in responding to comments again - so sincere apologies for my tardiness. Yes - the pain of diet and the sweet joy of a new pair of jeans - life is built around such small things :-)

Profile image

Ian Whiteley

Thu 15th Nov 2018 14:05

thanks for your comments on 'a poppy in winter' Mark - I'm not really advocating the white poppy as the only form of remembrance - I think the red poppy is for that - the white poppy is more a reminder to think about peace when we remember. I wear both side by side because remembrance, on its own, is not enough for me

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