New Normal

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New Normal


We hang around like statues

At McDonalds and Ikea

We wait in line for haircuts

Or to grab a pint of beer

We stand apart together

Following the six foot rule

We can gather for a shopping trip

But not to go to school


We spy upon our neighbours

And complain at barbeques

We daren’t go too far from the house

Because of lack of loos

We wear a mask in public

When we go to get some cash

and the only exercise some of us get

if putting out the trash


Our friends and family appear on screen

Like reality TV stars

We’ve forgotten how to shake hands

Or put petrol in our cars

We haven’t bought a summer wardrobe

Because holidays are banned

And the only beach we’ll get this year

is next doors builders sand


All this is the new normal

We’ll have to get used to it

We’ve got the lockdown blues

Because our lives are really shit

So when all this is over

Be thankful for what you’ve got

Because you will be a survivor

While some pure souls will not

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 11th Jun 2020 14:24

thanks for all the 'likes' and comments people 😃
Seems to have struck a chord - maybe we'll all forget what the old normal was when this is all over - parts of that appeal to me 😃
I appreciate you all commenting

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Brian Maryon

Wed 10th Jun 2020 18:19

Obviously I'm only too willing to comply with the 2 meter rule, but the thought of queueing up outside Tesco with my gas meter under one arm and my electric meter under the other is not something I'm looking forward to.

<Deleted User> (24283)

Wed 10th Jun 2020 15:18

This new normal is taking time to be a part of us. Situational write, apt n to the point.

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Wed 10th Jun 2020 15:02

Haha, this is great Ian. You got a rare LOL from me at the line "And the only beach we’ll get this year / is next doors builders sand". Wish I'd written this.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 10th Jun 2020 15:00

An entertaining elucidation of the "now".,. Adapability is the only
requirement - adjusting to circumstances. The only concession I
make to the need to visit a cash machine is to wear gloves. Otherwise, the bank card is my currency of convenience and in
general I offer no "resistance to keeping a distance". 😐

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julie callaghan

Wed 10th Jun 2020 14:10

Brilliant, just what I needed today.

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