Spanning the spectrum

from Pollyanna to pessimism

within a given day:

so it's dawn with Pangloss 

and dusk with Schopenhauer 

et al.

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Never dismiss the thoughts of the elderly 

For their words and wisdom you can trust

Because even a mop that is never used

Will still continue to collect dust

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Also by Joe Marcello:


Reforming Clay

I felt like a clay pot

once from the earth

Born with spirit, soul cropped

The owners; my guardians, held me

They allowed me to be used

for my true purposes,

not as a pot but a holder of life;



Later, others wanted me to be a pot for use

To look and act like other pots 

Or my uniqueness challenged their sameness 

So I became like them, soul lost.


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Precarious self

They made templates to shape and slay

Me can't fit, cause I am not clay

Snags and troubles to fit in their world just to- 

Eulogize by them, along the scars on our hands 

The hardest part is to accept ourself as who I am 

Watching others controlling nd seizing our lands.



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Also by Nazia Khan:

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Had Another One of Those


Had a bad day
Unpaid bills on the desk
Kids demanding designer clothes
Toothaches without dental insurance
Partners who don’t want sex today,
Or most days, for that matter
Because they’re thinking
About the bills, the kids, the secret pregnancy
Taking out their frustration on who is closest
Rising heating bills during a February snap
Internet companies that overcharge
Because you d...

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No title/never completed anyway.

Skin could be freed

removed by force

shred its existence

Bald is the new death


Skeleton remains more

than just skindeep

Beautifull bleached bones

tells a short story

former horror glory

you looked good around the eyes.





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Also by Nobody:

No title. | Widewall | The boy with the gun | Catastrophic | Little dreamer | (untitled) |

The widowed queen


Awake at dawn, with almond eyes,

The queen is seated on her throne;

Confronted, under leaden skies

With prospects of a life alone.


The taste of young and tender shoots

Was too soon soured by the storm,

And crushed by soles of marching boots

Which flaunt their predatory form.


In some far field his buried feet,

Anonymous, lie, like the rest.

The one who m...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

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I Don't Belong


The evening, the cold, the rain

The lost, the pain, chained

My grief, your game, explained... 


A subtile combat





February 2021

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last signs of life


Last signs of life:

Silence filled up the whole room and the only sound I could hear was her last breath. 

No one spoke a word, we were silent and we just stared at each other. 

After every second passed, I felt more attracted to her,

it wasn’t love, it was something stronger than love. 


I fell in love with her not because of the soft personality

not because of her prec...

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love passionpoetrytragedy

The Last Day Of Winter

It’s the last day of Winter
Feels a lot like mid Spring
Crocus and daffodils in bloom
Snowdrops are fading 

Warm sun on my face
Shines bright in a cloudless blue sky 
We made it though Winter
Another season passed by

Out in the garden
Sights and sounds of Spring fill the air
We celebrate with a cup of tea 
And a chocolate eclair 

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Last Day of Febuary

Last day of February, it feels like Spring.
Flowers are in bloom, morning birds sing.
The baby blue sky is totally cloud free.
And beautiful Stanley Park is inviting me.

An invite I gladly accept, how could I not?
On my doorstop, this lovely park I've got.
The gentlest of breezes kiss my cheek.
The trees look healthy not so winter weak.

So off I go, leaving my winter coat behind.
In S...

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Dogs love to walk

what we suppose is


They enjoy their walk

'cause of their noses


Their scent glands being



Such sensuous whiffs

they come up like roses.



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Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming


To be held in suspension by nought

To stare blankly as the eyes freeze

Not to see what is in one's vision

To be in the projection room of a cinema

Unaware of what appears on the screen

The mind soars up into the clouds

Where dimmed thoughts accumulate

Refusing to be arranged in order

To ponder without comment or resolution

Walking through a summer's ...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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She's Heaven

She's too good to be real
I'm an atheist 
I believe in heaven because of her
She's Every cliché wrapped up in one

Perfection is jealous her
She makes my heart go boom pop by noon
She's an independent woman she didn't need no man
She's calling me baby and I'm in love with it
Perfection is jealous her

I won't need anyone else but her
I'll be in the kitchen cooking for her
When this pa...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

The End |

Gold And Silver

She had found out the hidey-hole
of all the gold you could ever use
and all the shiney silver too.
When he begged to know and told her 
all their dreams could come true
she said "I know, I know, and you know as well as I do."
Imagine him exasperated, bewildered but unrelenting,
boldly crying "TELL ME."
And hear her reply 
" You see a cloud rolling to the horizon, 
free winds carrying it ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Moving out

It is not that you are not happy at home,

dinner is ready on the table at the right time,

the food you like: salmon, caprese and saffron risotto,

Jaffa cakes and sfogliatelle are always there for snacks.

I make ice cream and pizza at weekends,

abundant portions, free service,

the Italian way.


But you need more space, your space,

friends not just family,

cook your ow...

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Also by Carla Scarano:

Newcastle | Gerbera | E cortesia fu lui esser villano |



Aung San Sui Kyi, the anointed peace prize winner

sits in house arrest again, only now the western press

do not mention her in lyrical terms anymore.

They had put the daughter of a general on a pedestal

but when she didn´t follow their dreamy agenda

she fell out of favour.

She is a politician, a leader of a party, and had given

the Myanmar people a taste of freedom ...

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You leave me lost for words even when my thoughts aren’t pacing.


I just want you to call me mi amor, grab me, then have my heart racing. 


Though often I wonder, is it unrequited love that I am chasing? 


But I would risk it all for you —  even spend an eternity waiting.

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The blue sky kissed the evening sunset
As I saw you by the window seat.
Drinking a slightly cold coffee,
My heart nearly skipped a beat.

When I open those notebooks
There are memories that I cherished.
How sweet we were looking, laughing like idiots
Who once in love had not believed.

In the winter of that year long ago
We met again when the snowflakes were falling.
It was then when we pr...

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Also by Rainy Kar:

Every Night Before I Go To Bed |

FoReVeR oLd

I've missed what we once had or did I 

imagine the perfection of colorful redemption,

I'm crowed by emotions, slammed to thick

walls without protection, we're not forgiven.


it's so hard to imagine the petals of today

can be the soil of tomorrow. A man with an ego

can be called an emotional hero to

people without morals. You seek

my forgiveness but you must first seek y...

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Also by Blackrose:

<Adore> |

Be the light

Be the lonely light that shines amongst the darkness,

Be the one who holds the candle to light the way for others,

If you fall be the shooting star that outshines all else,

Be the falling star that all wish on to make a change,

Be the strength they cannot find within themselves.

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Also by Matt Townsend:

Chasing perfection is imperfect |


We are at peace
when we stop wanting
We are happy
when we accept ourselves

Maybe we went wrong
when we thought we should be trying
to achieve anything else.

No doubt
there are many people hurting
And we hear about
many people getting hurt

Maybe we went wrong
when we thought life had a purpose
to struggle for.

Or is it life
can't contain true peace and happiness
Or not unles...

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happinessinner peacemeditationpeacepurposeself-acceptance

Troubadour: Nick Drake (19 June 1948 – 25 November 1974)

The world hums on at its breakneck pace;
People fly in their lifelong race.
For them there's a future to find,
But I think they're leaving me behind.  Nick Drake


I still walk beside you: a tall, stooped, quintessentially English presence.
I listen to how those flat Fenland vowels swirl into melodies
melded with the staccato RP of Cambridge.
So many minor key explorations of sadness;

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Information Society

Note all that that is his stranger tantrum
Leave that that black shirt not to fall
8 nothing, ain't nothing. That that.

X black sheeting verdict 12.
Rooting in hell's perfection
Doctor's light blinding Elizabeth Barret Browning

maybe down the rubber staircase fell.
Binding means each green strong pig rind
protect's a Saturn dog or semi-colon white 7.

Could terse roots of super-nova fall n...

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My Voice

I have been silenced for so long

I do not know my own voice

All I hear

Are your words. 

Your condemnations

Your judgements

Your lies. 

I see your glance


Better than everyone else.  


You aren’t.  

You are hiding behind fear

That controls you

And all you do

Keeping me in check 


In case I discover my voice

And use it 

Against ...

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Creative pen

Creative pen

Saturday,27th February 2021


We are love-starved people

always search for and struggle

it is not the matter for an individual

but for all human beings


what shall happen?

if you are desperately driven

you are not attentively heard

and words go into oblivion


think of other means available

make your voice laudable

let people know about yo...

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No matter what you seek to say

Your eyes always give you away.

No matter how you play your role

Your eyes are the window to your soul.

Maybe you should avoid my gaze

When you involve me in your plays

Of make-believe and innocence -

In shadow-sway of sweet pretence.

Even when you lower your lashes

I seem to see those deceitful flashes;

So now sense says that we should ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


When My Heart Starts Dancing

Photographs can find lost connections instead I put my record player on.

Certain favourite songs

rhythm takes flight

full volume on

heart starts dancing

good times spinning

rocking rolling lovers

summers keep coming

past moments click

when needle lifts

records slot time

back into place

feelings stacked ready

to relive love

when music returns

me to somet...

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Also by Nigel Astell:

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Lets twist again

Strange Old Day


I ate some strange old mushrooms

Got chased off a shark

It jumped outta my beer bottle

And began to bark


I ran through a dying mist

And into a wall

Then into the deepest sleep

I began to fall.


Into strawberry Fields

With lemon drizzle streams

And coconut shells

Full of incoherent dreams 



What a strange

Old day

Making conversations...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

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Coming Home

she'd faded to a cipher

a silhouette on the wall,

I took shelter in dreams

in my sleep I can recall


the girl she used to be

afore time did us part,

the question I pose is;

oh where is her heart?


no love fills her veins

smile a vague smear

harder than me, she

exploits the old fear


that she will leave me

like a thief in the night

my poor spiri...

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Also by simon lucan:

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We Were Kings

Born of poverty, to a working class that knew no favours, forged in the fire of our troubled teens,
We wanted to taste life in all of its variety of flavours, and we had the will, if not the means,
Set on such a wild path before we’d ever even met, rough under foot with the promise of these things,
Paupers in terms of material riches, and yet, you and I brother were destined to be, “kings,”

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

500 | This Too Shall Pass | Fame |

Sasha & Daniel's Barbecue

He took white wine but drank Belgian lager.

Everyone was in couples. The talk was all about kids, cars and Ikea.

Fish out of water he decided to slip away.

On the way out he noticed the un-opened white wine.

So he took it home.

Blossom Hill. Tesco. 5.99

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Also by Chameleon:

Wednesday Morning at Nine O'Clock | Late for Her Lecture | Astrid aka |

17 Listening to White Stripes on Repeat

I have an acorn in my hand

I am curious as to what it will be

Will I grind it into flour

Will I plant it in the ground

Will I throw it to be gathered

Will I keep it safe and sound

What does the acorn want?

Does the acorn even want?

How will I ever know?

It will not respond.

It is my choice, then

Use, grow, throw, keep

It's always my choice

My universal affect...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Can - Paperhouse (1971) | I |




The anxiety it kills me

Never letting up

I’m happy in my life 

More happy than I’ve been

I have everything you could ever want 

And a wonderful partner that I love too much

I’m wise beyond my years 

I’m healthy so to speak 

I’m writing less because I’m happy now 

And tragedy and sadness write and read the best

I have goals that I’m working towards 


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Also by Chelsea Crossman:

Side Effects | What They Say |


Shocking surprises life can bring

Without giving a chance to sing

Some good ones and some sad

Making you happy or really mad


Some people may come and go

Similar to the stream of river flow

You continue searching for them

Only if they were a priceless gem


Anything can happen at anytime

But sometimes it feels like a crime

When you don’t know what is coming


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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Act Of Kindness | Spreading Joy | Love Yourself | Captain Sir Tom Moore |

Pleasantly Shocked

drawn to the wrong things

in and out of curiosity

peering over the ledge

late to dates with death


dreaming of the wrong things

embracing my body

I want this experience

as days lose meaning


we’re pleasantly shocked

by all we see

as once again 

we learn how to feel


we’re pleasantly shocked

as we read 

someone else’s

life unraveling



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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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Splitting doors and crashing walls

Create a path to a place that few can venture to

Heavenly hosts emerge

Carrying red pillows to welcome a new life.


The mood is set

People and nymphs gather

With nature singing and praising

The day goes on


Marshmallow clouds fill the sky

Forging a bond between the eternal plains

The fields and the doors merge

Leaving the ...

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Also by Blue Raven:

Fading dreams | A new normal | Circle of Life |

Out Of Reach

Tangled in the branches 
In awe of the view 
My goal was to meet with the sky 
Longing to be closer to where I find comfort 
How much longer will I wander alone, remaining hidden from your sight?
I've strayed so far that my footprints have faded into the soil. 
The light used to guide me 
Now it's disappeared behind dark clouds 
It seems like so long ago when I used to sit in anticipated s...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Your Time Will Come | Temporary Fool. | The Most Perfect Dream |

Consequences XVII

I don't believe in Zombies he said misunderstanding what she said completely
Oh, it was a misunderstanding. You said Zumba. You're here for the Zumba class?
No, sorry, I wanted to exchange my Roomba, Is this Currys?
Change your Rhubarb?  I think you want the place next door mate.  We don't stock those here.
Rhubarb? no I said leotard isn't this the leotardis, the incredibly niche lyrca and doc...

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Also by Andy N:

Consequences XVI |


After I was made redundant from 20 years in the coalmining industry I embarked on a second 20 year career as a self-employed management consultant.  And what a life it was too!  Getting paid three, sometimes four, times the going rate for advising executives of the bleeding obvious; the joke being that they could have heard my thoughts down the pub at night for free!  And if it went wrong?  Well, ...

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Also by John Coopey:



The day started out great

Had so many things planned,

A quick trip to the beach

For much needed sun and sand.


Not a thought of you that morning 

But checked my feed on the way

And IG just had to remind me

Of a memory 3 years ago today.


A happy photo of us, all smiles

That day had been surreal and fun.

Then my brain went on overdrive

Suddenly, I was back t...

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Also by Scattered Sun:

In A Nanosecond | You Didn’t Call | Seeing You Again | Happy Days | The Things I Know | The Days After | Status | He’s Gone |

El Sol

El Sol


El sol con furor

acaba de alcanzar

su máximo esplendor.

El gitano al sol

pasa mucho calor,

grita hasta callar

sudando está.


Vuelve loco al matón

robale el corazón,

cortale la respiración

cantale con valor,

bailale alrededor,

cuando el sol con furor

alcanzó su esplendor.


Tu corazón al sol

acabo con su palpitar,

cuando el sol c...

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Also by Luis Francisco Hernandez Martin:

Los Cinco Jinetes | Peliculas | The World is Glass | My Partner | Metro Station | Nightmare | Shadows | Se Murió El Amor (in advance this is one of my poems written in spanish my natural language) | Beautiful Power | Nightmare | Temple Encounters (Funny poem) |



Lincoln Bill crowned you Queen of all around you,

insisting that he who played King for a day would

kill for a second: the honour so high and

rich with all your bounty –

no mere paper gain, it came laden with the

trappings of a full-hearted love, say it

twice, three times, whatever helps to emphasise.


Now, about that love, I knew from the start –

no need even to r...

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letter to spring

letter to spring / michael kwack



in a wind

there's a scent of spring


i've passed the winter away

in a far place alone


but only hours of emptiness

and got to write letters now


the last confessions

to me and others


then to meet the spring

in complete quietness

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About Magic

To deeply love someone
That gives purpose

To unmistakably be loved by someone

But to be passionately in love with each other
That's where the magic is!


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Also by Dewald:

How to lose valentine’s day |

Way of life

You say I am a good person,
They say I am a bad one,
Forgetting that I am just a human being,
Just being what I am now.

Change is unstoppable, just like the flow of water,
People change, so does life,
Making sad almost all the time.
They say you are the one with wisdom,
I can only see you as the one with regret.

"Life is beautiful" as you state,
So why it becomes so hard living like ...

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Also by Bhavesh Ahalani:

The patient | Acceptance |



You, the fire, intent on burning it all
with the heat of a blue-white flame
aimed at my kindling heart

There is no comfort for me here
Where love was sought
I found wolves at the door

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Guests, of a Sort | The Little Things |

Deliver me from this

Return me 
to my darkness,
my own darkness 
not yours.
Deliver me 
from your fears,
to my own fears
not yours.
Bring me 
stumbling back
to my nightmares
that held me close
like familiar friends.
(Michael Martinez 2021)

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For a long time you felt that you were weak

For a long time you felt that you weren't loved, that you didn't belong

Too emotional, too many feelings, 

How could anyone or anything ever love the broken human you'ved become

How could anyone see the beautiful you trying to emerge from the dark

For a long time you felt that you were weak

Too emotional, too many feelings, you deserved...

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Also by Jacqueline L Elias:

Healing | Light |


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