We Run Like Water

I'm a reptile

But I'm warmer 

When I'm with you

You stir something in me

Like I'm always on the edge of something

There’s a chemical reaction between us

It makes me feel like static energy 

Could we really be the result of chance?

Can chance pull like a magnet?

Or is this kismet?


It runs fast, long, rife

It is our double life

We share a secret world together 

It is our own planet

The possibilities are never ending 

It runs like water 

Through taps, lakes, rivers, oceans

The streams multiply and contradict

We run like water

We run on forever 

I met you in a car

I had you there too

And the moment never ended 

The car is still moving forwards 

Our world keeps spinning

We spin so fast we look trapped in time

It does not sanction us 

Earth has much to learn

From our world 

Our planet is wholly populated 

By versions of ourselves 

I keep meeting new yous everyday 

I thirst for every introduction

That comes in clouds from your mouth

We have a world 

That nobody else can venture to

Or mark on the galaxy

Or spot through their telescope 

We have a world 

That nobody else has 

We have a world

That's made of ourselves 

That's made for ourselves 

And it runs and runs and runs

Like water

Romanceexcitementchemistrynew beginningsbeginningdouble lifesecond selfsecret worldintenseedgechemicalchancefatekismetown planetour planetrunrun like waterspinningfastversions of ourselveslovesecretrelationshipnever ending

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