Seeing You Again

In a dream I saw you again...

You walked in the door

Your face unshaven.

Your familiar embrace

Your distinct musky smell

Your lips which know me well

The warmth of your skin 

Your intoxicating touch

I missed all of you so much.


We cling to each other

We cannot let go

We start slow

But hunger takes over.

In your penetrating gaze

My feelings overflow

Touching your face

I feel everything at once

Sadness and happiness

Regret and loneliness 

Hope and despair


Tears start to form

Inside an emotional storm

My thoughts a jumble

So many things I wanna say

So many things I wanna ask

So many things I feel

But I also don’t want to waste 

The precious time with talk

Suddenly I realize 

No need to speak, to analyze 

Because I knew you understood.

What I was thinking, feeling

You understood.

You looked at me

And you understood. 

What I was going through

You felt it, too. 


All too soon you had to go

My heart is screaming


Please stay. 

But I knew you couldn’t

So the plea remained unsaid.

You get off the bed 

And now the door is closing...

Once again, our hearts are breaking.

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