Temporary Fool.

You're the baddest 
Reputation tarnished
Wrapped in leather 
James Dean 
Real deal knock-off
Smokin' on my corner 
Fingertips frozen to the bone
No money just a backup plan 
That must be me 
You're falling again 
Lost in hopeless despair.
Once a Lover 
Won't you come in? 
Pick me up where you left off 
Three years ago 
Twenty one
You left without Goodbye. 
You're voice is the same as I remember
Gentle and raw
Bloody knuckles on my counter
You fight dirty 
I'll bandage you up like before
Sitting in between your legs 
I like the way you look at me
So intense it hurts 
Imagine what would happen if we stopped ourselves from speaking. 
The background fades into static
Smooth and slow
Flashes of black and white 
Melancholy but sensual 
Like a track by The Neighbourhood 
You know how to get under my skin 
And once or twice I'll whisper your name. 
I taste it 
Metallic regret on my tongue 
A sinful symphony rings in my ears. 
This was a mistake
With you so close there's no room to breathe
You take my hand and I know I've got you wrapped around my finger
I let you unravel to the floor 
I won't have you 
You'll leave without warning 
Nothing but a temporary fool.
You burdened me with your demons 
Then left me to rot in pain 
I ruined myself for you  
You're just no good for me 
Put down that cigarette
Take your jacket and go 
Drive that rusty Ford until you run out of road. 
Harsh words 
With good intentions. 
Your smug grin fades from my driveway.   
Heartache is inevitable 
But longing stays discreet 
You left behind a full pack 
I settle down 
Light one up 
Tilt my head back and exhale slow 
A lesson from the master 
Turns out I'm just as bad as you.  







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Stephen Gospage

Sat 6th Feb 2021 17:17

Wow, so many good poems today. Every line of this one crackles with energy.


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New Shoes

Sat 6th Feb 2021 06:56

That a girl

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