The Man in the Mirror

Woke this morning
with fuzzy words coming into focus and replaying,
the leftovers of an unfinished dream.

I heard this phrase whisper,
"business-like relationships from
business-like communication..."

Often, the strange thought-flashes
upon waking are only a jumble of junk
that fizzle away into nothingness.
But, this time, I fixated on the idea.

Right then, it occurred to me
that most connections
have unspoken expectations
woven into their fabric:
They start with: "I love you."
But end with: "You owe me. I did this
and this for you," as if it were
a business proposition all along.
One party wants the other
to take care of them in some way.
They exchange benefits
and use the pretext of "love,"
as an excuse.
Then they jerk each other around
by turning themselves into power-play puppets
like Punch and Judy.

Isn't this a sick kind of ownership?
A dungeon of bondage?
A melodramatic marketplace?
Teetering back and forth
with our perceived weights and balances,
looking for leverage,
a means to manipulate,
using the tender of guilt, fear, obligation, duty--
and we become suckers for these
proprietary relationships.
But what about a friend for the sake of
a friend? What about love that seeks
the good of the other without thought
of payback? Relationships for the sake
of one another?

I got up out of bed, brushed my teeth,
and said to the man in the mirror, "I guess
I'm quite naive."




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Hope Ray

Sat 20th Feb 2021 09:02

I totally agree with you.

There are people who wish to rule you. Fear, guilt, threats, drama....they would do anything to keep u in their bondage. They have sinister, plans and moves.

But trust me. Just no reply and ignoring such people for a while, is the best reply.

They know what they do. Cuz this is how they have been dealing most of their relationships, so they are bloody experts.

No revenge. But leave them. They will go crazy mad and will try to harm you, scare you. But always remember NONE HAVE THE POWER TO CAUSE YOU ANY HARM.

This is what I told myself. Packed those relationships gifted it back to them. Smiled and got busy with work.😁😀

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