Strange Old Day


I ate some strange old mushrooms

Got chased off a shark

It jumped outta my beer bottle

And began to bark


I ran through a dying mist

And into a wall

Then into the deepest sleep

I began to fall.


Into strawberry Fields

With lemon drizzle streams

And coconut shells

Full of incoherent dreams 



What a strange

Old day

Making conversations with nothing to say.


What a rare

Old time

Meeting all the demons from the cracks in my mind 


And what a place 

To be

Paying the ferryman

Just to be me


My mind's gone astray, it's a


Strange - old - day!


And you told me we were finished

But your head was so diminished

The only thing left were your lips


And they said we were over

Cos I was never sober

But floating through the air came some riffs


So I brought my air guitar

Showed her how to be a star

But she ran straight outta the door


But I was so gone

T. Rex Bang a Gong

That I passed right out on the floor


And I awoke in my bed

Laid beside my own head

And it frowned with such disappointment


I said, please leave me be!

It's not me that you see

But, yet another small fly

In life's ointment!





Stephen Atkinson 2021




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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 18:35

Thanks for the like & comment ' a girl'. Much appreciated. ( & If you're out for a nice walk, just sample some from the path side. You'll either be full, absolutely ill, or try to fly home! - or possibly all three😰)

A Girl

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 15:54

Stephen where did you find those mushrooms?

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:53

Thanks for this, Stephen. Good fun. Interesting memories of the lad. There was a boy of similar habits at our school (just one?) who was transformed from a very ordinary tennis player into a potential grand-slam champion if he had recently indulged. Something to do with relaxation, I suppose......

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:41

Thanks for the Likes, John, Keith, Jordyn, Holden, Hope & Julie. Don't be trying any of those 'shrooms mind. 🥴

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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 27th Feb 2021 17:40

Thanks Keith. Think we've all had one of THOSE hangovers! 😢. They're actually song lyrics for a friend, & based on a lad who loved a 'magic mushroom' or two! He once ran past the pub one fine summers day, screaming about his fridge growing teeth & chasing after him... And another time he was hysterical crying on the floor near the pool table. When he could eventually talk he told us that he'd thought he was an orange 🍊 & that he was terrified that we would peel him... Like I say, must've been a strange old Day ! 😅

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keith jeffries

Sat 27th Feb 2021 13:58

I really enjoyed this poem and its humour. After reading the first few stanzas I thought I wonder what he's on as I could do with some myself. A poem which holds the readers attention and one which those who have suffered from hangovers will recognise.
Thank you for this.

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