Love Bites

it is rare that women let me down

I have mastered the art of romance

the secret is to abandon them first

that way they don't get the chance


there were exceptions to this rule

Julie left me for a curious old fart

but she demanded a father-figure

she was immature from the start


Ann ran off with my hand- warmer

she'd always been cold in the sack

she's shacked up with a girl-friend

that was no surprise looking back


after she went Lucy slandered me

told her friends that I was a miser

true I keep a tight rein on my cash

from my wallet I had to prise her


Jackie did a midnight flit in a taxi

a tactic that caught me quite cold

heard she had a list of complaints

she wouldn't do as she was told


I never heard any more from Bessie

got home and she'd just cleared out

I have no idea if she's alive or dead

she will still be moaning, no doubt


so, there were mishaps along the way

a few minnows escaped my courtly net

trouble is, women can't be trusted, but

Belle, my Staffy, never betrayed me yet




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M.C. Newberry

Sat 13th Feb 2021 17:47

Ain't life a bitch?! ?

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