looming at me she's smiling

swerving to keep her at bay

I crossed double white lines

after that things went grey


waking in her brawny arms

she whispers words of love

how we were fated to meet

the way we fit hand in glove


concussion raddling my mind

my brain limps in reverse gear

random thoughts flit like fleas

one above all else, naken fear


valeting my personal history

she's beaten out all the dents

hoovered my rank upholstery

sprayed my cabin with scents


she's a bit of a mixed blessing

good intentions and succour

a heart in just the right place

even if she looks like a hooker


my paintwork's now repaired

I can no longer hold her at bay

it must be another dizzy spell

for I've gladly agreed to stay


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Love Bites ►


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jennifer Malden

Wed 10th Feb 2021 17:45

Nice one! Could have been a worse awakening! Liked 'random thoughts flit like fleas' . Jennifer

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