Lizard Love

amid starlight she reposes

my life's in her lizard face

that library of dusty looks

records my fall from grace


she took the best from me

sucking me dry every day

each wrinkle taunting me

dry pointers to my decay


I pray she does not wake

no pity runs in my veins

but violation at the sight

of what sleep she feigns


she's a monument to loss

contaminates my  vicinity

she's never been not there

she sliced me from infinity


young once, she was, hot

and like me, raring to go

not the harridan of today

quick tongue, body slow


I deserved better a queen

not hectares of aged lines

that shrunken face mocks

the maturity of fine wines


thin hair like grey ash as

dreams agitate her frame

nightly musings my sole

outlet in a life so tame


dawn creeps on its knees

in a blunted dirge of doves

waking she wanly smiles

at the one man she loves


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Hope Ray

Tue 23rd Feb 2021 10:57


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