Last Day of Febuary

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Last day of February, it feels like Spring.
Flowers are in bloom, morning birds sing.
The baby blue sky is totally cloud free.
And beautiful Stanley Park is inviting me.

An invite I gladly accept, how could I not?
On my doorstop, this lovely park I've got.
The gentlest of breezes kiss my cheek.
The trees look healthy not so winter weak.

So off I go, leaving my winter coat behind.
In Stanley Park today, just what will I find?
Plenty of children playing, of that I'm sure!
Joggers of course, and dogs by the score!

I stood on the bridge, over the lake to peer.
I saw 2 fisherman in silence, share a beer!
Patiently they waited for some fish to bite.
The beautiful Palm House stood to my right.

Stanley Park was once in a state of decline.
But now it's a favourite local park of mine!
To the sound of children laughing, home I go.
A few uninvited clouds didn't spoil the show!

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Mike Bartram

Wed 3rd Mar 2021 15:14

Thank you for reading and the nice comments, it's a lovely park and that sort of poem just kind of writes itself, it's just what I see!

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julie callaghan

Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:27

A lovely trip to the park, thank you

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:22

This is beautifully evocative of a great day in the park, Mike.

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Tom Doolan

Sun 28th Feb 2021 14:43

An uplifting welcome to spring from a lovely park. 🌞

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 28th Feb 2021 13:41

A breath of fresh air, so to speak. 👍

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