The Most Perfect Dream

Last night I was gifted with a beautiful dream. 
I was barefoot, standing on loose boards and chipped paint looking out at a dead field from an old farmhouse. 
My childhood home. 
On most nights the main character in all my nightmares is me, running from several nameless demons 
I'm wide awake when I close my eyes, yet disoriented enough to bury myself alive in the trenches.  
I can still hear my own screams in the wee hours of the morning. 
But this wasn't that kind of bedtime illusion. 
The darkness drapes itself around my shoulders, it's such an eerie feeling.
I shake it away and set my attention to the black sky.  
How I wished to kill the night
Force my dagger into it's flesh
Cut clear through to impale the heart 
Let's end this drowsy spell 
I put down my weapon when bronze specks appeared, poking through Earth's canvas, little holes of metallic hope.
Suddenly a light emerged from a pocket in the clouds, a perfect sphere emerged and set fire to the world above me.
I watched blazing flames transform into golden rays becoming the most beautiful sunrise I'd ever seen. 
My body soaks up every bit of ultraviolet energy. 
I drown in the warmth, but not to my death, I've found a bit of serenity instead. 
I want to keep this dream alive 
Maybe if I slept forever I could spend the remainder of my lifetime safe in this feverdream. 
Oh, please let me stay a bit longer, I'm digging this peaceful vibe.
No matter the amount of begging, I cannot stay wrapped up in the subconscious.  
What a misfortune to be born into reality
I'm awake
Lost in the sheets 
Trying to find a way to catch memory of the most perfect dream. 


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Stephen Gospage

Mon 1st Feb 2021 13:43

This is great. There is a special feeling of not wanting to wake from a dream. As you say, reality can be very disappointing by comparison.

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