Fairy Penguins Find Friendship

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I can only hope, pray and dream
that this wonderful story is true
I want to believe that penguins
care for each other, as good friends do

An award winning photograph
of two penguins who meet every night
Just standing together for hours
admiring the distant skyline light

An older female and a young male
both lost the one, they held most dear
In grief they comfort each other
sharing their hopes, dreams, worry and fear

A photo of two fairy penguins
looking out over bright night skies
A fairy tale of true friendship
guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes 

Version 2

I hope and dream 
this wonderful story is true
I want to believe that penguins
make good friends too

A photograph of two penguins
who meet every night
Embracing one another
admiring the skyline lights

An old female, a young male
both grieving for their lost love
Find comfort in each other
looking to the stars above

Just two fairy penguins
watching lights dance on a night sky
This fairy tale of friendship
may bring a tear to your eye

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julie callaghan

Fri 26th Feb 2021 06:23

Thank you for the likes Aviva, Hope and Stephen A.
Thanks also for the comments Hope and Aviva.

Aviva, apologies I was referring to the news story bringing a tear or two. I could never guarantee my writes would spark such emotion. I can’t believe I missed this story from back in December. The picture reminded me of the end of a Pixar movie, never a dry eye moment 😁

<Deleted User> (28781)

Fri 26th Feb 2021 02:33

May the true friends be loyal and honest forever. May their pain subsides and May both of them find their true love partners from earth till eternal life.

A cute poem.👍

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 25th Feb 2021 19:39

lovely poem but I need my money back for the guarantee...
luckily it was a free poem so that money back won't buy me much.

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