But Mom Said...


Whenever I would tell my children something

relative to their obedience or learning

they would always say

But Mom Said...


It was their response to things they found contradictory

between what I said and what they had previously heard

it could be the slightest thing

where I thought I might offer some insight or wisdom

some guidance to behavior

but always mom had gotten there first

and given the opposite advice


But Mom Said...

became their fallback position

nullifying anything I offered

and so I became irrelevant

like most fathers

simply an object of curiosity

something to be seen in passing

but then ignored

like an off-hand remark

not to be taken seriously


what was really important was

What Mom Said

I still offer my insight

but now

the kids themselves know better

they are now smarter than me


I have to give them credit

they learned well

and somehow survived

all my good advice.



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 24th Feb 2021 17:40

Maybe kids should be wise enough to....
Act like their mothers
And listen like their fathers! 😏

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