Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time


Two skirmishes with death came many years apart

I remain here as I did at the very start

Older yes and wiser I may be

Yet here I am for all to see

Life could have turned the other way

But modern surgery held sway

Is the span of life based on luck

Or is it written above in a special book

Some are born dead and others die young

And into old age we are all unsung

Is life a lottery of choice

As we really have no earthly voice

Our life is a tenuous existence

Which requires a greal deal of persistence

A mystery does here pervade

Our very souls to invade

Is this life predetermined

In such a manner accurately timed

Behind the scenes our destiny lies

A place whether young or old shall sigh

This is no random accident of nature

Of this I am absolutely certain

Yet why do I languish here for so long

When all humanity sings the same old song

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jennifer Malden

Fri 19th Feb 2021 17:46

Wow, better and better each time! At least this time people seem to have become aware of the quality of your writing. Jennifer

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Brian Hodgkinson

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 18:28

Enjoyed. Read it again. You are here to be a voice of the FACT of no accidents.

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keith jeffries

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 12:02

Thank you to Tom, Lisa and Martin for your comments which are a great source of encouragement and thanks for the likes from : Julie, Stephen A., JD., Dawn and Hope Ray. Thank you for reading this poem.


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lisa donohoe

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 01:54

The power of strength to keep pushing forward speaks threw your words of wisdom 🙏

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Mon 1st Feb 2021 19:38

Beautifully expressed Keith, brilliant and poignant.

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Martin Elder

Mon 1st Feb 2021 19:18

Absolutely beautiful Keith and at times quite lyrical. I love this style particularly when it is well written as this is.

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