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You Cannot Apply Makeup To Your Soul

Whatever my body, my soul is beautiful
Whatever my wealth, my soul is rich
Whatever the chaos, my soul is tranquil

Whatever the burden, my soul supports me
Whatever I lose, my soul will stay

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 28th Feb 2021 22:35

Thank you for your comment Your Royal Poetess and thanks for the like too which seems to have allowed me to continue a tradition -

An extra thank you for everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem now that it has reached TWO FLOWERS
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(I might get bored of this tradition, but not yet!)

Actually I myself am not certain whether the soul is everlasting or not and waver more on the probability that it isn't (as tomorrow's poem 'I'm A Believer' is going to show), nor indeed am I certain of many aspects that regularly define it, but the word even with all its uncertainties encapsulates something that I believe in.

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Your Royal Poetess

Sun 28th Feb 2021 22:10

The soul is everlasting and will never be broken

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 27th Feb 2021 13:08

Thank you Nigel, I didn't realise the line even referred to loss of self (an unrealised duality) as I was thinking at the time of loss of other types of things, but your comment has not only made me recognise it holds that meaning too, but also reassured me that yes, whatever I lose of myself my soul will find again if it or I need it found.

I'm not sure whether you have special confidence in my soul or souls in general, but either way, thank you.

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Nigel Astell

Sat 27th Feb 2021 12:51

Whatever is lost your soul will find.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 27th Feb 2021 11:09

Thank you to everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem.

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