Out Of Reach

Tangled in the branches 
In awe of the view 
My goal was to meet with the sky 
Longing to be closer to where I find comfort 
How much longer will I wander alone, remaining hidden from your sight?
I've strayed so far that my footprints have faded into the soil. 
The light used to guide me 
Now it's disappeared behind dark clouds 
It seems like so long ago when I used to sit in anticipated silence with you. 
Those days have evaded me
I'm not as young as I was then and certainly not as innocent
Once you've lost your way it's difficult to come back. 
Uncertainty is embedded in my soul 
These moments of doubt are tiring 
I crave an escape 
Time ticks on as I linger beneath the moon 
If I could just touch it maybe I'd understand
It's wisdom I wish for 
This stirs up chaos deep within 
Seeing the truth is a painful thing 
With what little strength I had I pulled myself up higher, in attempt to finally meet you 
But the higher I climbed the further you became 
Fear washed over me 
Don't be so far that I can't find you 
What have I done? 
Is it too late to make amends? 
I wondered what I looked like through the eyes of the moon
Like a child? 
Or rather a coward. 
Standing out on the limb I reached out in front of me, stretching my arm to the heavens
I raised my hand above me like shield 
Between my fingers beams of light poured down on my face
This moment is all have  
Caught in the beauty I took a risk 
I jumped 
Carried safely to earth's floor by the Moon. 


---Part Three of "Conversations with The Moon.


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Ilse Grobler

Tue 16th Mar 2021 08:00

.to use a common word

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