About Magic

To deeply love someone
That gives purpose

To unmistakably be loved by someone

But to be passionately in love with each other
That's where the magic is!


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Fri 26th Feb 2021 13:22

Hi Aviva

True, no debate there, but since it is a poem, I will get away with the expression of an emotion.

Perhaps underlying here is that many times in life you here the notion that one person is more in love with the other one. Or, like in the movies, the one would say that he or she got “enough love for both of them.” 😃

We can, therefore, argue that the one partner is expressing more or less love, and even that is not wrong, since we all different people expressing love in different ways. Where there are different expression levels, one can always appreciate it hence the poem speaks to the fact.

I am a true believer that Love is an expression.... in need of an answer. No one can love another person in isolation.

So, in the final analysis, I think what the poem is trying to say is that where both partners are equally passionately in love with each other, one can feel the magic 😃

But it still stay just words on paper, born from an emotion that appreciates that thing we call LOVE.


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 25th Feb 2021 12:47

I don't really understand this, all types of love are magical.
In fact, come to think of it, absolutely everything is magical.

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