Freedom screams on the back of my words

demanding more than just a numb text...


A nation succumbs decapitated during years;

suffocated by discouragement piled on their path,

mocked for their sorrows, sufferings

and the blood they shed


The perverse, without mercy,

brandish a sharp iron,

ceaselessly striking the cheeks of the innocent...

tearing souls apart,

causing tears,

opening wounds,

fraying hopes


Freedom screams

unveiling the face of the executioner,

revealing a mountain of hatred, cruelty and injustice,

encouraging men who desire peace,

praying for those who kill for a miserable coin,

crying for those lacking consciousness and humanity.


Freedom screams

for those who have no voice,

for the tears that are shed,

for all those murdered for carrying a flag as a weapon,

for the mothers whose children have no bread,

for the heavy cross that people are forced to carry,

for those unjustly imprisoned for their ideals,                  

for the young man senselessly killed at the age of 16,

for the men who’ve seen their dreams tied and crushed,

for all the hunger and injustice imposed by corruption,

for those who were condemned to be what they should never have been,

so that dawn may awaken as before


Freedom screams for freedom, because people are forced to navigate in murky waters of disconsolation and blinded by a thick desert of silence...


Freedom screams for liberty!


©Noris Roberts


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