Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming


To be held in suspension by nought

To stare blankly as the eyes freeze

Not to see what is in one's vision

To be in the projection room of a cinema

Unaware of what appears on the screen

The mind soars up into the clouds

Where dimmed thoughts accumulate

Refusing to be arranged in order

To ponder without comment or resolution

Walking through a summer's field

Oblivious of purpose or direction

A ship cut adrift abandoned by its crew

Spiralling into outer space hypnotised by the stars

As the brain assumes another persona

And is accommodated somewhere else

A state of temporary bliss and harmony

Where all is consumed by a levitation

Before being returned to earth with a bump

Back through the portals of reality

And reintroduced to familiar surroundings

Induced harmony leaving the mind refreshed

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keith jeffries

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 09:22

Stephen A & Stephen G, thank you for your comments. Binte, Julie, Aviva, Holden, Scattered Sun and Your Royal Princess thank you all for liking this poem. I appreciative that you all took the time to read this poem and express your comments.
Thank you one and all.


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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:28

According to the wife, this is me all the time! 😊
Great poem Keith

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:28

Thanks, Keith. Each line conjures up a new image and yet the whole poem hangs together as one narrative. Really interesting.

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