Explaining you about my sexuality won't help
Explaining you about my existence won't help
Thought you are my buddy, will get me without explaining much.
I am just a bit different, can't you get this much.

I know you have a life partner to share all your tensions,
And wanted me to be happy, and feel all that emotions,
But I am happy just by myself,
You again and again telling me what to do, just making me more depressed.

'Live your life as you want' is just a saying,
Doing this on the ground level, just takes up all your thing.
Just to mix with thou, my childhood friends,
I have to pretend to be what I ain't.

Now it's time for me to accept myself,
I won't judge you if you left me, just be true to yourself
For its worse, when you hide from self.


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Sun 14th Feb 2021 18:08


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