Coming Home

she'd faded to a cipher

a silhouette on the wall,

I took shelter in dreams

in my sleep I can recall


the girl she used to be

afore time did us part,

the question I pose is;

oh where is her heart?


no love fills her veins

smile a vague smear

harder than me, she

exploits the old fear


that she will leave me

like a thief in the night

my poor spirit quails

appalled at her might


so I cling to the times

she did have a heart,

yearning for pity, her

vow never to a depart


it was a shock just how

she left me in her sleep

sliding away with not a

sound, without a peep


put my ear to her chest,

no heartbeats do weave,

my ring upon her finger,

no, she'll never deceive


the true maiden of yore

my love from the start,

I know now just where

is her fine girlish heart



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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 27th Feb 2021 11:47

I like to imagine that you have another alias where you post all your not gruesome poetry... because I wish I could see what you'd do with a positive theme, and who knows, perhaps I have already seen it and just don't know that it is you. 😁

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