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My pain screams at the top of its lungs, 

Remembering all the: “if you need me(s)” now with silent tongues. 

Demons storm in and begin to cloud my heart, 

The spell of darkness showers and leaves its unsolicited mark.


My mouth stays still as I’m left without words,

Yet my mind fills with suicidal thoughts flooding in herds.

I wonder how it was to live my past life?

I hope to break this reincarnation cycle and no longer be stuck with internal strife. 


So here’s my premeditated eulogy,  

By the time you read this my soul will be set free.

When you miss me look to the sky and reminisce on our memories,

I'm glad you all found a place in your world for me.


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Your Royal Poetess

Thu 18th Feb 2021 23:50

Artwork by: zdzisław beksiński 🎨

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