¡No pasarán

écrasez l’infâme - repress the infamous thing for
the Scientific Enlightenment came at no small cost:
imprisionment, blasphemy, books burnt, inquisition, internment, death
the Secular, Spiritual Sceptical, Scientific spirit survived and slowly tamed Christian fundamentalism.
now, a new constant vigilance is the price we must pay as unreformed Islamic superstition, seeks to re-establish a new
dark nest in the west –
truly it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

Those who can make people believe absurdities can just as easily make them commit atrocities.
mmon sense is not so common.
secularism opposed again by Superstition
free speech condemned by holy men!
we must judge a man or woman solely by their independence of mind:
by the questions s/he asks,
rather than by the answers.s/he has been taught to expect.




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keith jeffries

Sun 28th Feb 2021 00:59

Well said as I can recall when in the Arab world I was unable to convince the devout about freedom of speech and freedom in general. It was as if the granting of freedom would release people to think for themselves and so inspire them to doubt or oppose their faith teachings.
I enjoyed this as it resonates with my past.
Thank you

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