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The rainbow that coloured the nations heart, 

The sole stroke triggering Black Lives Matter to start.

Forged to dismantle the despotic system,

By using peaceful protests forcing the government to listen. 

So they marched together to stand up against institutionalised hate,

Because at 17 years young it was too early to see heaven’s gates.


As he walked home with a bag of skittles he bought from the shops, 

George Zimmerman decided he was too dangerous and devised a plot. 

So he approached the young man, and during this altercation Trayvon was shot.


He claimed it was self-defence against someone who was completely unarmed, 

It was evident this black teen was not going to cause anyone harm.  

  A clear target of racial profiling, as opposed to Zimmerman feeling “alarmed”. 


Yet this murderer was acquitted unanimously of this abhorrent crime.

Often I wonder is it worth raising a black child during these times?

Black Lives MatterTrayvon Martin

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Your Royal Poetess

Fri 26th Feb 2021 13:32

In memory of Trayvon Benjamin Martin - 5th February 1995 to 26th February 2012 🕊♥️

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