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Writing about life:
Writing for an audience?
Yes, I write to me.



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Brian Hodgkinson

Sun 7th Feb 2021 21:22

JD, thank you for your comments. I think poetry should always be edgy but never personally offensive. I certainly do not want my freedom to impinge on someone else's right to their opinion. I come from a viewpoint, as do others. I seek to respect all but require the same for me. Otherwise, others need not engage, and that is a kind of respect too. I would suspect that this respect is what the mods require here. If ever I overstep their standards, I am okay with them warning me or having me delete my content.?

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J.D. Bardo

Sun 7th Feb 2021 20:58

Lucky for us that you are motivated to share your work, I enjoy all of it Brian. Thank-you. Senryu is what you call it? I have some in my collection but most will not pass the moderators approval.

Are you there moderator? stand by on your delete key !!

J.D. has some challenges, (i will start with a tame one)

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Brian Hodgkinson

Sun 7th Feb 2021 20:38

I appreciate comments, likes, kudos, but these have nothing to do with my motivation for writing.

If I were the only human on planet earth, I would write just what I have written. What a wonderful freedom this is.?

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