From horse to mouse !

Roy loved animals,was a compassionate young lad,

But his dad wouldn't let him have one ,quite sad.

He yearned for a kitten,thought one would be fun,

But his dad definitely wouldn't let him have one.


One day on a walk with his dad,Roy saw a horse in a field,

"Please dad may I have a horse?"he knew his dad wouldn't yield.

"No Roy that would be to big for our house."

Dad gave in and bought Roy a mouse.


It was a move dad would regret,mouse found a friend,

She constantly reproduced,there seemed to be no end.

Roy's house was soon overrun by mice,

The stench was horrendous ,not very nice.


One day an idea came into  dad's head,

He bought Roy a kitten,now all the mice are dead.


Kids,if you want a kitten ,start off asking your dad for a horse.


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Jaaz Vale

Thu 18th Feb 2021 22:34

Hi Hugh, I hope you're well. Lovely text you got here! I met you in Manchester or Liverpool in August 2018 when I was backpacking, you shared a lot of nice texts with me! Continue the deeds, cheers.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 18th Feb 2021 12:09

The moral is plain - aim high. Good fun!

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julie callaghan

Thu 18th Feb 2021 11:02

Good one Hugh😀

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