Will I ever know?

How will I ever know

the difference between each?

The good, bad, better or worse

Life has taught me best of these


How will I ever know

the value of various paths?

Untill I tread along them

I'll never be able to explore the realms


How will I ever know

the sweet bitter taste of happiness and sorrow?

Till I take the adventures of life

Unlocking the truths wo...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

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It’s Paris I’m cycling a beret on head 
Bonjor over cobbles 
A basket of bread 

Soyez notre invité.. Soyez notre invité 
je pense que tu connais la suite
Was French now I’m German 
Forgive Me 
God Bless Me 

Oh look its Berlin 
Mein Rhythmus ist Techno, aber nur solange ich hier bin 

Washington the Whitehouse Madrid and Millan 
Then top of the morning its Dublin 
Ooh Guinness 

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:



My Inferno

That I would hang myself in the sky outside your window

and slowly reach my hand out to the sun,

claiming its fire as my own.

One more bright star in your sky,

a bloody inferno.

So that when you look out,

there is one more small piece of joy.

I am all I have

to give.

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No woman is an island

I can hardly speak but I will try.
My brain falls silent, still;
It is the dying of the day
A ferment of tenses
Leads me up cul de sacs.
Where my vision lingers
On a shimmerin

My mood mirrors
The sparkling frost,
Loss upon loss.

I've gone now
Suspicious of the silence within,
Outside all is wild,
Clouds scud the colour of blood.

Sunshine soaks the sk...

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Also by John E Marks:

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I was despondent in the house,

In the house where the light was dim.

Phantoms crept within the house,

Where sunlight had not been.


Woeful tunes played in the house,

In the house where the light was dim.

Shadows loomed and time was lost,

Where sunlight had not been.


Window shutters bolted firm,

In the house where the light was dim...

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Also by Ursula O'Reilly:


Blood Sport


If you are ever feeling lost, remember that life itself is a jungle.

Vast and unending.

Everything is bound to kill you.

Life gets humid from time to time.

Sweat constantly rushing down your creased forehead.

The pain of your soles treading through the forestry.

As you observe your surroundings, the same landmarks present themselves.

Internal thoughts of misery and confu...

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Also by Cody Roach:

Lioness | An oasis of love |

Leighton Moss

A delightful trip today
to nearby Leighton Moss Reserve
A wetland and nature trail 
with so much wildlife to observe 

In a clear blue, cloudless sky
the sun shined high and very bright
A day to lift your spirits 
a most welcome treat and delight 

A heavy frost overnight
left patches of ice on the ground
The warmth of the sun felt good
when a sunny spot came around

We forgot our b...

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Also by julie callaghan:

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The Sky Theater


The sky is a full length movie
with twisting plots that
leaves us spellbound
an ongoing serial that never ends
it's a new show every day
every week
the sun is its marquee
highlighting the players and the stars
beaming a spotlight
on their beautiful performances
previewed by clouds
rain or shine
a sky that is spontaneous
a sky that keeps us
on the edge...

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Also by d.knape:

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the orchard

The orchard


It was a beautiful apple tree with low hanging fruit

shaped by a gardener whose parents had been Jehovah witnesses

(His parents didn´t believe in Christmas)

 made to look like a decorated Christmas tree as seen on postcards.

 On the tree, a twig stuck out that had no apples  appeared dead

 as I reached up to pick an apple the twig was a snake and said:


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

the song contest | a morning moment | futulity | memorials | dawn of man | the smallest life | big rats in Cobenhagen | tanka | the never ending story | bitter love | ideology | how far is far' | unwritten page | lemon tree very pretty | ascension (rewritten) | THE BRAVE SOLDIER | pre-surgery | oranges | farmland | hinterland | The Flash | Boby Fett's adventure |

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within


Is freedom of speech alive and well

are we through free expression able to tell

Are we politically aware as we should be

through deception and corruption can we see

Are our dreams and ambitions represented

or are we ignored by those chosen yet disinterested

Is out tax money honestly and well used

or is our hard work and good nature daily abused

A na...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The Winter's Sun | Sirob | The Deep Well of Winter | Shrivelled | The Remnant | Sweet Ambition |

"Purple Blast"

A reserved outcome, a specific touch, I love how you remember, thunder, blunder, scattered wonders, many lunas passed the ocean, tamed spontaneity, I pray for common clarity and mass sincerity, purple blast covers the wall, what could this purple substance be? Blast Blast, contrast, I forgot who my past was, the narrow dart throw, marshmallow heart, you can't remake a scar, my failures are up to p...

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Also by Michael Morales:

The Color on the Walls | Love can you imagine | Bellwether | "Purple kite" | "Love Tantrum" | "Haystack" |


This is dead boring.


I saw that film in ’59 that’s called “Some Like It Hot”

With Marilyn Monroe – pure movie gold;

But in the interests of diversity these days we’ve got

To recognise that there’s “Some Like It Cold”.

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Also by John Coopey:


Arranging my menagerie mansion

The big cats could run about in the foyer and hallway

snakes could slither about on the stairs

kangaroos could bounce about in the parlour

the attic would be for the bears

occupying the bathroom the hippos

wallowing in a huge bath filled with mud

and in the pantry hanging upside down from a gantry

sleeping bats gathered alongside like bro's in the hood

a spare bedroom for g...

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Lady of Letters |


A bee tumbles into my water glass,
rights himself on thin ice cube,
drinks from a droplet,
disappears drowsily
down wind

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Sugartree | Standing in a shaft of light |

Care with a small c




Another castaway arrives

Thrown up on the beach

Heartlessly left

To weather the storm

Of life



A life that to them

Is out of reach


The beach is quite busy now

A mixture of human debris

And cast offs from the sea-

There but for the grace of god


Go you and me



I see the foragers

Foraging eagerly



They are h...

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Also by Clare:

Drape Your Skin | Roar | A Date with Amphitrite | Searching | Winter Forest |

This one is for You.

In your lifetime you may stumble across one who makes your soul ache and your heart crave

It’s a longing,

A yearning

For something more than what this world has to offer.

You break a sweat fighting for a chance.

Man on a journey

Misunderstood by most

Tired and weary from the chase

She caught your eye now she’s got you by the tongue

You meditate in search for answers


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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

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When I see a painting, what do I see?

A man, a woman, a garden, a tree?

Perhaps there’s a mountain in the distance,

But soon I reflect on the existence

Of a facet of the work much greater:

The vision and mind of its creator.

A picture is a window on ideas

Which bubble up and percolate for years.

They finally express themselves in paint,

Which slaps on and hardens with no...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Sheds | Tightrope | Power | Train | Strange Times | She danced |


I want to write about something beautiful

Like the leaves of a tree glowing from the sun's reflection

Or the feeling of a warm breeze on your cheeks

But I think the best poets

Live in the dark


Is it true?

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Also by Lauren Em:

Narcissism | Insomnia |


My heart skips a beat when I catch you glancing.

I’m high on you, your mental is alluringly entrancing. 




I lose my consciousness in your world; now hooked on your being. 

Whilst pheromones run wild, you advance, begin by playfully teasing.


I analyse your face. 


Slowly you undress me before you go to third base, 

Your tongues tender touch hits th...

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99. Poem

Deeper and Deeper

Digging into the soil

To trace the journey

Of shoots to roots

There's a little more work

Digging Deeper into the earth

Finally to reach the tips at ends

Knowing where it started 

And where it lengthens


Deeper and Deeper

Delving into the future

Trying to find the tracks of life

From frozen todays

And melting futures

The path that's st...

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Keep them close to your heart where they can make a new start.                                                                             Give them both one more chance to try another dance.                                                                          They need time to spend, together make amends.                                                                       ...

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Nostalgia is:

Lingering in a warm bath of memories

Feeling the past slowly trickle back into the soul

Arriving at a place inhabited by those,

Whom fate has decreed, to have become strangers

Revisiting what is normally out of time, out of reach

Luxuriating in the nearness and warmth of remembered love  


Nostalgia is family, wrapped in soft shades of familiari...

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Also by Brenda Wells:

By the Light of the Wolf Moon | New Year's Day Tanka |


"It's June in January"...so goes the old song -

And if written in 1661 wouldn't seem far wrong!

Love and Nature keep us spinning around

Or so old Samuel Pepys once found.

On January the twenty first of that year

That famous diarist of this earthly sphere

Dipped pen in ink in those days of yore

To record the startling things he saw.:


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


If soul mates do exist.

If soul mates do exist,

They are not just simply found.

They are beautifully grown from the ground.


They are grown as strong as an oak tree

But equally as fragile as a dandelion blossum.


If soul mates do exist,

Then the other will always persist.

For not one person is whole without another.


If soul mates do exist,

They are not easy,

They are not togethe...

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It is cold this time of year

but the frozen sidewalk seems worth while

knowing im walking to your coffee shop

just the chance that you are there

makes this bitter coffee taste so sweet

and this frosted morning feel warm and bright

just to see that you are not there

and suddenly the cold and the bitterness of the world is seen

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Nobody Told Me!


It was my fault in the beginning,

Setting out pictures which had been lying

Haphazardly in a bedroom drawer,

Into neat, assembled columns.

A photograph album,

Resurrecting her history in clear

Monochrome and technicolour detail.

Mum could view them with her

Magnifying glass and remember

All the people from her past.


I rang her one evening,

As mum was pre...

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Also by John Botterill:

Thanks, Buddy. | On Me Phone | Kindness | Your car's too wide! | Poetic Licence | Fish and a Chippie | All at Sea. |

My Siren

Green eyed lady

Snake charmer of hearts

Unlimited beauty

She had me from the start


She's got red hot lust

Stone cold guts

A fire in her gaze

And steel in her veins


She is my queen

She is my Venus

She has a freeness

That leaves me speechless


She moves with style

She move swith grace

In her embrace

Is my forever resting place


On the...

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My   I realize you are a very  skilled  manipulator I give you receive you ask for more I give I am a product of misogynistic imperialists I give because I have been indoctrinated to from birth   who are you to question my questions of you? You have betrayed my trust my heart hurts stop. and start again I am a product of misogynistic culture I do not ...

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Twilight's Caress

My heart lies exposed

In twilight's caress

Stripped to the bone

Undressed of my flesh

Moonlit and dawn kissed

My soul, briefly, free

In-between life and dream

The twilight, and me



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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

Mr Rhubarb | How It Should Bee... | The Tramp | If Ever I Fall |


The edifice crumbles, 

the artifice emerges, 

the venerable scramble

to conserve a sliver

of sorcery, a morsel

of mockery, to muddy

a salutary catharsis,

lest the tributary

discovered dare lead

to a river of liberty. 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Anew | Disregarded | Undoing | Transubstantiation |

sail away

I feel the sickness rising
I glare your smile every once in a while
Sweaty fists and ulcers on my tongue
You never gave a care with your life in disarray
Now you're off miles away not worried but you say you gotta stay
Hold me close and never let me go
Keep my frame of mind when you go
Swelling guts over poured up cups
I see the reaper coming closer dont let me judge
Eager for death you...

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You shouldn't have done wrong to anyone

I suppose bad vibrations

Resonate just as well

With every body

In your cell

But let's be honest

We were already living in hell

Negativity makes a good sell doesn't it

Do you need me to condemn you as well?

If you choose to destroy earth and humanity

If you choose to destroy all that's lovely and beautiful and precious and divine and holy

Then go to hell!

You should...

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Also by Kevin Tan:

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The trail leads gently up
and through the stand of trees
The day is chilled by autumnal winds
just in from the coast

I contemplate the desperation of the falling leaves
as they wander about in the bracing air
Carried by the breeze to where they will lie
And I wonder: “Are they bitter?”

Or do they accept their fate
as the annual benediction
of having served their purpose

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Tuffy | Paper Heart | Ralph and Alice |


clumsily walking around soldiers of mercy

annoyed with their task

sparkling green attire, smiles worn as a mask

giving a helping offer with one hand

shooting strangers with the other, obeying a command

hearing the voices of people unknown

wondering at being there as he’s thrown

he feels his flesh cold, his body shivers

red roses gushing he can’t stop the quivers


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Also by Ziba Mahdavi:

A Misplaced World |


your eyes look so dead

you see the face that brought

so much personal misery


i just saved up enough

day by day

to play out this life sized mystery.





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Also by RudyardK:

+ | One two. | Story. | Wood. | End of life. |


Bowls - it is a wonderful game.
And each time we play it is never the same.
To reach the jack - it is the mission,
But first we must put it in position.

Pick up your bowl and take your stance,
Then right ahead one must now glance.
Round in an arc your bowl should go,
Something of which we all must know.

But in certain moments when times get dire,
One may even feel the need to fire.

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Stuart VannerBowlsSport



Sometimes things work

Sometimes we get ahead 

Sometime we meet people 

We don’t wish dead


Sometimes we get an idea

Sometimes we’re inspired 

Sometimes we find peace

Despite the blood required


Mostly the fuckers win

Mostly it’s pretty grim

Mostly we’re haunted by

A burning ignorance


Always you’re on my mind

Always I do this blind

Always ...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Pistachios | Filed by Decade |

Aim High

As we enter the New Year

Forget all your worries and fear

Set yourself worthy goals

That may revive your souls


Don’t linger on the past

Life is going extremely fast

Live up each and every dream

Rise and shine with every morning’s beam


Show the world what you are capable of

Not forgetting to still spread peace and love

Reach for the sky and aim as high as you...

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excerpt from ‘Benny Harris’

One night in a bar in London so begins my story 

Where men blag dilly boys for molly up the cory


This feely omi walks in, and before you ask it 

You could see through his cats his bona basket


Because of how he minced his corybungus 

like a model in Paris

The barman looking at him whilst stroking his fungus 

gave dilly boy the name, Benny Harris


A nice arse on...

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Also by Lee Campbell:

'See Shells' (with poetry film) | Excerpt from 'Nice Cup of Tea' |



The labouring world hastens by, fretting 
"forward... forward..." bleary-eyed 
as commuters at the lap-top early
aboard hurtling trains through fallow fields 
where we'd lay singing; fa-la-la rising.

We've rode that train and laid on that moor.
Altogether we've yelled, "Forward, forward!"
And each silently cried "Return, return."
So full are the days required to learn
strains as pl...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

From The Horse's Mouth | Mould On A Pristine Universe | Recognition | Unfinished |

Like my Mother Used to Make

I’ve got a desire for a cheese sandwich on fresh white bread

Just like my mother used to make

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever taste one again

You know, not any old cheese sandwich

But the ones my mother used to make


On cold winter evenings

She’d serve stew and dumplings

And her poached eggs on toast was a wonderful feast

Not ordinary eggs

But the ones like my mother...

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The Double Dunce

He gets a great legacy !
But alas! he lives all the way in fancy!!
In a machine he puts potato,
And  expects to get tomato.
The dunce fancies to become PM,
Having no as such self-decorum!
Understanding his own limitations,
Help him understand life's transactions,
And finally find the tomb with satisfaction.

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Tawdry Audrey is a game old bird

still seeks out boozers,

consorts with iffy bruisers. 

What's wrong with that I say


she should have her way

at variance with the precious set

and their post renaissance views. 

What should it matter if in a material sense

she is one of life's grand losers?


A day out with Tawdry Audrey could still 

be a last slice of life for ...

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Also by ray pool:



her red tipped nails drew little crosses into my back,

each one a reminder that we beared the burdens of our love.

I told her breathing was my sin as

her warm hands hung me by my neck.

but I needed her to feel it too,

so I drew one last cross

and left her on it.

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Also by M3RK:

finders, keepers | Where gods go to die | Erosion |

sea GIrL

Gone in a whisper,as summer breeze washes

Your locks ,flowing hair streaming as if the wind is your own.

Untamed by your laughter and smiles,

Tossing your head in animal mane

The world is yours , with hordes at your feet,

Conquering all hearts that lay before you.


Dancing down the sands into the surf, 

Sylthen body glistening in the foam,

Rising like the mermaids of le...

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Also by Edbreathe:

close | Cort | CHasm |


Poem 27 of 230:  ADELAIDE

In work and study,
    I spent four years -
Good years really -
    At Adelaide.

A flat by the sea -
    Work nearby;
Then full-time uni. -
    At Adelaide.

A planned C.B.D.
    (With parks all round),
And much more to see -
    At Adelaide.

Glenelg; Rundle Mall;
    And the markets,
With many a stall -
    At Adelaide.

(C) David Franks 2003 - h...

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A Perfect Evening

Sitting on the couch next to you

Makes me feel calm, happy and content,

Like walking on a beach with a sunset view,

Every second here is time well spent.

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Also by Stuart Bright:

The moment it all changed |


A Good Cry

Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about

Words that have haunted me since childhood

They were imprinted into my brain

They broke my heart

They scarred my soul


For years I hid my tears

From glaring eyes

I shut down feeling anything



Unable to speak



I was alone

Where no one could see me

Or hear me except God


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I know

you are not real in my reality

you do not exist in my anxiety

when it burns hot in my chest

like an aching that will not cease

with an appetite

that cannot be satisfied


and where are you

when words and motives like assassins

inflict mortal wounds

upon an already frail mortal

who is fighting for survival


I do not see you present here

in the midst of my ...

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Mend me

Mend me


You’re looking for an answer

Someone to fill that gap

Someone who loves you

Who won’t treat you like crap


And I want it too

Don’t we all

Someone who truly adores us

Despite our baggage and flaws


You said ‘you don’t have the best of me’

And I sadly agree

But I can’t fix you

We need to do that mending ourselves

Can’t you see?


So t...

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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

Covid Blues |

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