Tawdry Audrey is a game old bird

still seeks out boozers,

consorts with iffy bruisers. 

What's wrong with that I say


she should have her way

at variance with the precious set

and their post renaissance views. 

What should it matter if in a material sense

she is one of life's grand losers?


A day out with Tawdry Audrey could still 

be a last slice of life for its own sake

as if paradise was a slightly grubby

seedy birthday cake

a joke to be shared like the one about four candles. 




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Sun 23rd Jan 2022 14:23

Thanks so much Stephen, Aisha and Holden, welcome likes.

Glad you enjoyed this Stephen, we all need a bit of fortification !


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Stephen Gospage

Sun 16th Jan 2022 17:29

Love the poem, Ray.

I once knew an Audrey
Who was not at all tawdry
Though her fortified birthday cake
Was better than life for its own sake.

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