Wild Woman (6.)

Heavy was her heart as it sat upon her sleeve 

Split open,

Bleeding out.

Just another casualty on display for those who dared to recite their condolences 

Oh, but she continued her escapade 

Refusing to allow the condition of her cardiac woes to keep away her passion 

The wind called her name and like a wild card with no destination, she tossed herself into the storm

Landing far from the deck 

Dressed in all black, 

She created her own universe,

 lighting everything on fire with her touch. 

Only the freest soldiers could escape unscathed 

As she roams the flames leap higher

A lesson to the playing fool behind her. 

No attention is given to the evil that claws at her heels

She speaks the language of peace 

It washes through her soul and pours from her heart

At this point of her wandering she’s forgotten her hearts anguish 

What weighed heavily upon her in the beginning no longer exists

Carefully she collects the remnants of her broken heart sewing it back together

Piece by piece. 


--Wild Woman



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