Once we have climbed the greasy pole,

We seek enjoyable pursuits.

We think power equals pleasure;

We pretend that we devour,

At length, and from a place of strength,

All of our past annoyances

And irritations. But do we?

Pleasure as a settling of scores

Is just revenge in poor disguise.

We know revenge in any form

Is like a cocktail with no spark.

So is this power such a lark?

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 13th Jan 2022 21:50

Thanks for these comments, John B and KJ. I have never been in a true position of power, although I have had some responsibility in work. Responsibility without power may suggest that other people are taking advantage of you, but I always found it quite pleasant. Revenge? Well, does it really make you feel good? (If the answer is yes, so much the better!)

And thanks for the likes John C, Julie, Stephen A, Holden, Pete, Jimakos and Leon.

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John Botterill

Thu 13th Jan 2022 08:59

I can very much relate to this fine poem, Stephen. I like the way it suggests rather than states. Makes it more universally applicable, 😊

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kJ Walker

Thu 13th Jan 2022 08:55

I've had a few kickings over the years, especially more recently. So now in my sixties when I should be thinking of retirement I'm back at the bottom of that greasy pole.
The only thing that I can think of, it getting to the top of it and revenge.

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