A scene from Science Fiction movie

Drones spread over the sky

Not to capture the scenes

But to spray poison

And also to spray virus

An easy way they found

To annihilate a population

Cough, cold, fever and diarrhea 

The common symptoms

No one knew the secret enemy

That were flying above their heads

It was human beings anymore

Who were spreading any viruses

No mask can save you

If all you eat of fruits and vegetables 

If what you drink is nothing but



Freaking drones spread all over

IS.....is it something spread in the sky

Game of death dancing above 

Don't blame it on people

They too are victims

Poor doggies on the walk

Slowly dying out licking poisonous streets

Don't let them Lick your face

But who could save the dying beings

All flora, fauna, crops and man

◄ Will I ever know?

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John Botterill

Sun 23rd Jan 2022 20:25

Powerful poetry on an alarming subject., Ghazala. All too possible I fear.
Thank you!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 23rd Jan 2022 15:41

Certainly, a theme that has sinister implications in its possibilities.
A Premier League football game was delayed yesterday for 20 minutes due to the presence of one of these drones above the stadium.. Who knows what the intent MIGHT have been?

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keith jeffries

Sun 23rd Jan 2022 08:29

The recent pandemic has drawn the world's attention to the possible use of biological weapons as opposed to nuclear or chemical warfare. Your poem could be closer to reality than you think. We live a very tenuous existence and in troubled times.
Thank you for this

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