Sometimes justice does not prevail,
And life becomes unfair.
Sometimes the hardest workers fail,
And hope turns to despair.

Sometimes we see the fat cats thrive,
And the little people do then suffer.
Sometimes the careless do survive,
While judicious lives do become tougher.

Sometimes punished are the good,
While the sinful are rewarded.
Sometimes the best are misunderstood
And the backward do go forward.

Sometimes the small are trodden down
By greedy corporations.
Sometimes righteousness is upside-down
And crushed by domination.

But remember to hold onto hope
And for truth we must all shout.
And while life may be hard to cope
Know justice shall in time come out.

Stuart VannerJusticeHope

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 29th Jan 2022 17:35

I'm afraid Keith/Stuart that I am in the unbelieving tribe, therefore can't believe in the injustices of the now being rectified in the hereafter. I try my best to be 'christian' (small c) in my daily life and so far haven't managed to hurt too many people and have helped a few too. I never became a rich man because I thought more of my family than chasing more money/position etc. I'm relatively apolitical and see the flaws in all stripes. However, I do think it wise to gravitate to your own and try to protect who you can. Contentment is all (certainly the older I get) and has taken a long time to achieve. I recently sat down with my little granddaughter (aged 7.3/4) and helped to to unpick why she felt jealous over a recent issue. One of the most important things I have ever done.
Bloody good poem by the way!


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 29th Jan 2022 15:00

In the UK Victorian age, the word philanthropy was part of a
rich man's existence. And noblesse oblige was also socially understood. Indeed, much of what still exists was a result
of that reality. But it seems to have a much lower profile in this
modern age. Maybe it's because the tax system has priced
both out of existence, notably the aristocracy whose estates
have been either eliminated by death duties or reduced to
as near as makes no difference in terms of income against
expenditure. Today's wealthy are bankers, big business and show business. All too busy looking how to make the next buck and stay in the game. An afterthought tells me that
you don't make the poor rich by making the rich poor. The
world doesn't work that way.

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keith jeffries

Sat 29th Jan 2022 09:50

A really good poem outlining how unjust life can be; so often at the expense of the poor and disadvantaged and in favour of the rich and influential. There is a Biblical quotation which says that rain will fall on the just and the unjust alike. Injustice is so apparent and retribution seldom seems to occur. Yet I find that it can be useful to stand back in order to see a bigger picture. I believe that all this is seen and recorded. When we fail to see justice in the here and now it will ultimately take place in another time and dimension at the pleasure of the omniscient.
A poem which provokes some serious thought. I am sure there are many others with different ideas.
Thank you for this

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