I'm enjoying each day as it's served on a platter of life

There's something within that helps me breathe happiness 

The joy of being in the mortal world for a brief, limited time

Not knowing the start, unaware of the end 

Just marching on, a pleasure ride of my lovely life

Heading straight into a divine destiny following the call to prayer

Each moment is a beautiful mystery solved relentlessly 

Hoping to reach the eternal destination when it's time 

Till then the paths on this limitless universe, I shall travel

With open arms I welcome the sunshine and moonlight

Having found all the little things I had longed for

It's all inside me, residing joyfully, peaceful

Giving way to infinite love and never ending dreams

A vision so complete eyes do see

A holy land, divine mission, untill the earthly sleep 


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Mon 31st Jan 2022 22:37

Thank you Kevin.

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Kevin Tan

Fri 28th Jan 2022 12:01

Always welcome moonlight. I think we still have many days to come 😃


Thu 27th Jan 2022 23:30

Thank you Kevin. Now I understand 🌷

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Kevin Tan

Thu 27th Jan 2022 20:17

you're welcome moonlight. it's a good time to be alive 🌷


Wed 26th Jan 2022 23:25

Thank you Kevin. Your exciting words created a little mystery. Must've done it, but what isn't a clarity. Shrouded in poetic mystery.
Thank you kevin🌷


Wed 26th Jan 2022 23:23

Peace and tranquility are priceless gifts. Thank you Nigel.🌷

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Kevin Tan

Wed 26th Jan 2022 15:58

And there are so many beautiful days to come for us all Moonlight. We've done it.

We've done it!!!!!

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Nigel Astell

Wed 26th Jan 2022 02:24

At peace within yourself
each dream to another
bringing love to stay
inside each word written.

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