Breaking The Silence

I seek myself

Fighting demons in my head

I fight a battle daily in my head

These voices in me try to bring me down

Saying I'm not good enough

My chest aches

As though a stone presses on me

My lungs gasp with stifling air

Feeling short of breath

I suffocate with my head barely above water

As much I may try to avoid it

It always finds me in the quiet

Robbing me off of my happiness

And the glimmer in my eyes

Replacing it with fear and panic

Bottled up emotions inside me

Waiting to be shared

Yet I fear being misunderstood 

I glance at the mirror 

And the mirror reveals a mess

I experience a wave of emotions

Where certain days feel like an inflated balloon

Trapped in a state of uncertainty and worthlessness

Crumbling under life's sheer distress

Leaving me feeling utterly hopeless

Recovering is an uphill battle 

But I'll survive


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