How It Should Bee...





Modern world blocking the transmission?

Too much traffic? 

A world too erratic


Does the whispering grass 

still play a tune

Or has brick and mortar 

brought it to ruin?


This world is so fast!

Take me back to the past!

It makes such a din

I don't know where to begin!


And cars, 

bloody cars everywhere!

If I had any left, 

I'd pull out my hair! 


In times of old

Footpaths were the roads

Shanks' pony was the way

To find work or for play

Or to find rest...

With picnic in hand the best!


The wind would blow

Through the old-town meadow

Whispering soft tunes

As if from a cello


Or at least that's what I heard

(Or my imagination proffered)

It was the sun, you see

Upon the wheat and the grass

Us lazy bees in a honey-glazed mass


We buzzed lightly back then

Not much of a sound

A languid summers day

Seemed so easily found


 And Mother bee 

could always be found 

Passing sweet lemonade 

and sandwiches around


They tasted like heaven

In the glow of the sun

In the warmth of our hive

No need to hurry or run


We didn't need much

But the comfort of others

The firm, but loving hands

Of our sisters and brothers


But all are now gone

Like the sweet mist of morn

That drifts away gently

To allow a new dawn



the buzz is too loud 

It fills my old head

Dark clouds through my window

Is what I spy from my bed


But if I close my eyes tight

And snuggle right down

I'm back in the old meadow

With that lovely cello sound    


 I think this is where I'll stay now

After all, it's where I belong

With all the little bees of old

All happily buzzing along 







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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 15th Jan 2022 08:50

Thanks for the comments M.C., John & Stephen. This was actually the 2nd poem I ever posted on here when I first found this site, I've just tweeked it a bit. Based upon my Grandad who always moaned about ' the bloody cars! '
And thanks for the likes, John, Julie & Holden. It only got 2 the first time I put it on, so 3's an improvement!

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 13th Jan 2022 22:00

Great poem, Stephen. I love how you weave in the metaphor of the bees.

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John Botterill

Thu 13th Jan 2022 20:35

Fabulous poetry, Stephen, with beautifully expressed imagery. Awesome. The poem revealed
what had changed since my own childhood, namely the background noise. You have shown this change so skilfully and with such insight. Great stuff!

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 13th Jan 2022 20:00

An enjoyable journey down "Nostalgia Lane" with some nice
imagery along the way. I was a "war baby" - born just as "D-Day" was being rehearsed. How well I recall the later post-war country picnics en famille, with those various sandwich fillings
and slices of cake, washed down from a thermos flask. Certainly,
the cars have become a very visible mark of progress since then,
but in fairness, there are still places to find and enjoy for so many
more folk nowadays so I'll keep enjoying my own car and the
opportunities it gives me to extend my life's convenience and occasional travel and the freedom of today's not so open road(s). Toot-toot!!

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