Darkness approaches early. 

Grey blanket envelops the garden.

It doesn't bother the tits 

that flash between the feeders;

not a nothing day to them. 

Bulbs push through mulch. 

Moisture makes lawn glisten,

illuminates the moss. 

Magpie mops up spilt mealie worms.

Recovering fir tree's needles

gleam on the patio,

make light of the afternoon gloom.

Beneath this shroud, life is coming.

◄ 'Go, go, go'!

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 12th Jan 2022 18:38

I think it was worth making the review wait, Greg. Rebirth is all around us, even in cold January.

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Greg Freeman

Wed 12th Jan 2022 15:36

Thank for the comments, Graham, John, and Julie, and for the Likes, Nigel, JC, Stephen, Holden, and Brenda. I wrote this while staring out of the window, when I should have been working on a review. I agree, John, the last line is the really important one.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 12th Jan 2022 14:14

Rebirth already on the way due to the mild weather Greg, well recorded. Days are already getting longer I think.

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John Botterill

Wed 12th Jan 2022 13:57

I love the lines:
Make light of the afternoon gloom
Beneath this shroud, life is comes.

Brings hope and positivity!

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julie callaghan

Wed 12th Jan 2022 12:29

Describes my garden too Greg. 🙏

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