When I see a painting, what do I see?

A man, a woman, a garden, a tree?

Perhaps there’s a mountain in the distance,

But soon I reflect on the existence

Of a facet of the work much greater:

The vision and mind of its creator.

A picture is a window on ideas

Which bubble up and percolate for years.

They finally express themselves in paint,

Which slaps on and hardens with no complaint,

And then the canvas, brightly lit, reveals

An image close to what the artist feels.

Creation is a product of the heart.

Do not look at a painting; look at art!

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 24th Jan 2022 16:47

Many thanks for your kind comments, Rasa, and your Royal Poetess.

Thanks for your like, Nigel.

Thanks for the tip, Holden. A wonderful poem.

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Your Royal Poetess

Mon 24th Jan 2022 14:29


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Rasa Kabaila

Mon 24th Jan 2022 02:40

Beautiful Stephen. Lovely to celebrate art and beauty-and to remind people to keep an open mind. 😃

Best wishes,

Holden Moncrieff

Thu 20th Jan 2022 20:06

Stephen, what you said about the artist's vision and feelings reminded me of the poem 'Art' by Herman Melville! 😊

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 20th Jan 2022 17:23

I appreciate your positive comment, Holden. When I visit galleries or exhibitions, I always try to remember that the artist behind the painting was (or is!) a real person with their own vision and feelings.

Thanks for the likes Julie, Stephen A, Raquel and Leon.

Holden Moncrieff

Wed 19th Jan 2022 19:59

A beautiful and thoughtful poem, Stephen! I really liked the lines
"A picture is a window on ideas
Which bubble up and percolate for years." 🌷

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