89. Poem "love the 89"

I'm in love all over again

With the idea of love

And everything romantic

That love carries within


I'm in love with nature

Trees short and huge

With the chilly wind

Heat and humidity too


I'm in love with birds that chatter

Early morning songs from them

Instilling hope and peace within 

A heart void and devoid of everything 


I'm in love with myself

I look at me and admire

It's a crazy feeling to say

But I love my eyes always


I'm in love with music and dancing

Rock, pop, jazz or rolling

Whether I understand the lyrics or not

Just the sound gets me going


I'm in love with colours and painting 

Trying to create new pictures daily

It satisfies my soul completely 

Allowing me to exhibit the creativity 


I'm in love with the sun and moon

Won't leave the dear stars alone

The universe and the galaxies

All the planets and meteors too


I'm in love with my room

Safe and cozy to be in in

Peace and sunshine both

Keeps my room Shining bright


I'm in love with you, you and also you

Love for humanity and also human beings too

It keeps my heart healthy and perfectly active

When I love my fellow human beings true


I'm in love with food, exercise and meditation 

These are the 2022 buzz words

Trying to keep fit and healthy

I'm now my top most priority


I'm in love with my loved ones

So dear and near to my heart always

Those that care to care for me

Though I've never vowed anything to them


I'm in love with poems and poetry

Reading, writing, listening and reciting

It helps enrich my mind and speech

Gives me ample reasons to love the words in poetry

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Nigel Astell

Fri 7th Jan 2022 01:17

I'm in love
with each word
good vibes sent
heart filled lines
love I'm in.

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