On the edge of the world

Ismail Serageldin Quote: “The next World War will be over water.”
Trepidation on this beach
Mires my mood
New Year has many tales to tell
The future a hostage to silicon~
And heavy metals. Nuclear too.

How can we give our children away so cheaply?
We must make our stand here,
at this end of the world.
Bioda Roe is king of the sea, 
a relative of the seal
whose long dives used to fill our imaginations
with bubbles.  No more. Plastic saw to that.

Now all is bare, a cupboard full of lies. 
Rehearsing for the coming-times of war and famine.
Wars about water.
A prelude to slaughter.
The days of undeserved comfort and complacency
Are over. 
These times displaced by wars about water
which will bring untold suffering, more slaughter. 
The more we seek to protect our children
the more we endanger them.
I see a man bending
his head, as if in prayer,
on Chalgaraidh Mull’s shore,
along this edge of Scotland,
on this very edge of the world
where I must give up grieving
and learn to fight, again.

For the time to act is not passed,
it is now!

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John Marks

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 21:09

Thank you Stephen and Keith. Repentance Keith? I don't know. I think humans have made such an unholy mess of this world, exploiting nature for profit, that the only answer is....


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keith jeffries

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 17:45

a poem with a succinct and well defined exhortation to herald the arrival of a New Year. I am filled with a profound sense of trepidation for the future, not mine, as I am on the downward slope, but for younger generations. We live in an ugly age. Is repentance too late?
Thank you for this

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 17:37

A good message, John. We have to act.

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John Marks

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 17:14

किशोर करुणिक, मैं आपके उज्जवल भविष्य और खुशहाली की कामना करता हूं। पृथ्वी को उसकी रक्षा के लिए हमारी जरूरत है।

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kishore karunik

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 17:06

Very Good

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