91. Poem

Sad and bitter truth

Plagues the country

War and devastation

Made them all lowly

Creatures of blood and flesh

But no bone and spine to stand

Lacking virtues and morals

Illiterate and psychologically bruised

They need treatment of love and trust

Greedy capitalists need to obey


For the poor and needy

Love and trust is important 

Food and shelter

With education to start up


Those who are suffering 

Physically and psychologically 

They need immediate assistance 

For them you need doctors and hospitals


Those greedy capitalists 

They just need power and money

Ask them to prove their worth

Let them fight amongst eachother

The winner shall rule silently

If not he be removed violently


For each the treatment differs

Those that are kind and holy

They have their space to live peacefully

Gather them in their groups and category

If required then use power

To maintain peace and discipline 

It's absolutely necessary 


What's been ruined completely 

All morals and ethics wiped off

The people have seen nothing but

Poverty, war and disharmony 

It takes time to deal with broken

Pieces need to be collected

Trust and vows renewed 

Prayers to God almighty 

Things will slowly improve


Increase the doses 

To hyperactivate the effect

Slow and steady wins the race

Where time is not important 

But where time is short

Things have to be done really fast

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Nigel Astell

Thu 6th Jan 2022 02:14

Wise words with a strong poetic message.

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