Some clergy we know won’t leave cathedrals.

Why should they? There they have all that they need:

Pomp, faith and power over life and death.

The ones who do venture out discover

A mess of a world, with stammering crowds,

Stricken women who curse when buying bread,

The rich, first in line for absolution.

Yet they negotiate the obstacles,

Jump the barriers, take rough stuff on the chin.

They are a quieter breed, less boisterous

That the Sunday tub thumpers; unimpressed

By swivel chairs and see-though furniture.

They know that the word is spread on the road,

By simple smiles or the touch of a hand.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 28th Jan 2022 17:14

Thanks to Keith, Holden, John and Stephen for all your comments. I'm pleased this poem was appreciated because I think it applies to all organisations which start out with ideals but lose their way because of egos and infighting. Fortunately, whatever happens, there are still many good people on the ground who wish to continue the basic mission.

Thanks to Jimakos for the like.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 27th Jan 2022 22:02

A good poet can say a lot in a few words. Excellent, as usual

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keith jeffries

Thu 27th Jan 2022 19:46

Well what can one say? The Church irrespective of any denomination has become an Institution like any other. It cannot claim to be representatives of Jesus Christ as they horde wealth and pronounce moral judgements on us all. The Institution has become morally bankrupt and its decline is now gathering momentum. Soon may it crash to earth and be replaced by those who follow Christ and enact his teachings in their lives.
Your poem is excellent

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John Botterill

Thu 27th Jan 2022 19:30

A masterclass of analysis, Stephen which touches on many issues with great skill and economy of style. Loved it! 😊

Holden Moncrieff

Thu 27th Jan 2022 17:49

A powerful poem that speaks many truths, Stephen! 🌷

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