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clumsily walking around soldiers of mercy

annoyed with their task

sparkling green attire, smiles worn as a mask

giving a helping offer with one hand

shooting strangers with the other, obeying a command

hearing the voices of people unknown

wondering at being there as he’s thrown

he feels his flesh cold, his body shivers

red roses gushing he can’t stop the quivers


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A Misplaced World

a suitcase packed with secrets

a book seldom read

a broken watch that only shows

the past hours instead

a mirror covered with dust

a path that lays nothing ahead

a broken door colored with use

knocking but no sound is heard

a tree left without a leaf

everything it had has been shed

a place we once called home

left to ruins longing to get repaired

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Let me love tomorrow

if by chance I’m here tomorrow

remind me to be kind

remind me to listen

when the birds sing

and raindrops knock against the ground


remind me to see

as the clouds

float in the sky

and flowers

as they smile to the sun


remind me to love

when love is nothing but a mirage

in a world where love has died


remind me to be me

to listen

to see


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May you find peace

if the road behind

was dark and quaking

may the sun light up your road ahead

if your heart was filled with sorrow and grief

may it overflow with happiness and harmony

if love was lost and forgotten

may it find you each and everyday

if you were fraught with worry and pain

may peace and tranquility wash them away

may you find the fountain of love

may you find peace


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Pandemic, May 2021

lonely faces covered with masks

looking out with fearful eyes

streets void of people

locked behind empty walls

from my window I can see

the child who wants to be free

mother earth is breathing

while humans are in captivity

it took a pandemic to wake us up

but in no time, it’ll be forgotten history

we’ll get back to consumption and greed

to killing, hoarding and abs...

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grotesque men

I know I’ve got to do it

but it has to be done in daytime

can’t move to the right

can’t move to the left

top is out of reach

and the bottom, well, it’s the bottom

where do I go from here?

don’t judge me for who I am

I’ve been judged before

I escaped a country to find shelter

my new home a prejudiced land with no escape

run away and find a new home

where children...

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