The Cowboy

Maybe once or twice I’d cross your mind tonight, and quite possibly you’d reminisce for the sake of our youthful past times. 

Might it even arch your brow to wonder where I’m at now. 

Remember when it was me you wanted to walk alongside you through troubled waters? In and out of love with you I fell, indecisively I fled despite your constant admiration for me. Truth is, I believed no matter how far I strayed you would always be there for me. 

A single memory falls into my lap; Lying on our broken trampoline, our backs damp from the dew as we traded conversation back and forth that evening, our harmonized laughter carried off into the distance. 

I still see you like that, just a cowboy without his pistol anticipating a future far from here.

These days I stand on my own, empty. 

You asked for four years and I stupidly gave you four, that’s how long I waited only to find out your path crossed with another.

I feel foolish for remaining so loyal, it wasn't worth the time I spent falling alone. 

Watching you love her does something inside me. It’s not an angry passion I possess, there’s this calmness lingering beneath the ache of missing you, as if we were never meant to be together at all

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New Shoes

Sat 22nd Jan 2022 06:15

It's important to honor the beautiful memories of the past, they show us the wonder and joys that life can hold. Pure light is pure love and at times we project onto another to be that light beacon to our own soul. Pain is said to be a teacher.

"Might it even arch your brow.." Great line!

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