An old, Welsh witch once said this:

“Taliesin, don’t be sad if you’re alone
On Ynys Môn you have battled mightily
Despair will bring us no advantage.
No man sees what supports him
Courage is invisible. Study The Mabinogion.
God will not violate his promises.
We must suffer in Gwyddno’s weir
Where our stand against the invaders
Will end in defeat! We must learn how to fail.
Being sad will not avail, listen to the Druids,
We have fought the Saesneg all our lives,
Too much grief will bring evil in its wake;
A silent, seething serpent snake to infect us all.
No doubt you have loved for your soul’s sake:
It is a hard and bitter thing when loved ones die
You trudge across the mountains and the sky,
Always out-numbered, always heading west, to defeat.
God brings such suffering to the fortunate few.
Remember, you are a bard and a warrior too
Your resolution must be firm and manly;
Thou must not be over sorrowful:
If you are to die in a ditch, then so be it.
Keep an eye upon the sky, birds are our scouts,
Kneel on the foaming beach of the ocean,
And thank God for the lives of the Cymraeg
Seek to mix only with the wise ones,
Do not be displeased at thy misfortune;
All days are a fortune sent from God,
Thou art blessed with virtue in your tongue.
The sky is your protector: watch the birds
Thou hast nothing to fear only life and death;
Remember always the names of your children,
Then no man shall be able to harm thee…..”




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